Expand Your Consciousness and Upgrade Your Operating System With Evolutionary Programming

The Divine Keys

Do you feel you are here for a bigger purpose but but haven’t found it yet, or on your path but are facing some blocks to your highest evolution?

Are you passionate about raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness to take the next leap in your evolution?

Are you interested in about the physics of manifestation so you can co-create your reality?

Then the DIVINE KEYS is the ideal program to help you UNPLUG out of the matrix and see through the veils of illusion to understand the physics of creation and how your MIND-BODY-ENERGY matrix interacts with the Source Intelligence to create and shape your reality.

The 9 keys is the ultimate personal development program for any one that is looking to get healthy, expand their consciousness, raise their vibration and achieve true transformation. It is designed to create an accelerated consciousness shift in you to get you aligned with your HIGHER SELF and your SOUL MISSION and to give you the necessary internal coding to be able to complete this with out being overwhelmed or stressed out.  

It is a pathway of initiation designed to teach you through direct experience in your life the DIVINE PRINCIPLE’S and SACRED SCIENCE’S that you need to embody in your to navigate this reality and execute and complete what you came here to do at soul level.

You will explore THE 9 KEYS that will take you from where you are now, to where you need to be in terms of raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness to fully embody your highest potentials held as templates in the higher dimensions.

The DIVINE KEYS is a 12 week deep dive into a full MIND-BODY-ENERGY recalibration done from the comfort of your own home. It is a complete overhaul of your entire operating system from your physical health habits, to mind set and beliefs, and your energetic and spiritual practices. 

Each week you will connect via a live webinar where you not only learn the corresponding KEY that you will be exploring, but also receive healing and activation as Christof and Akasha work on your Multi-Dimensional anatomy repairing and recalibrating you to your highest energy holding potential.

One of the most powerful features of this program is that you get weekly personalised mini coaching support from Christof and Akasha as they help you with your personal process and corresponding changes that take place in and around you. You also form part of tight group of peers whom you learn and grow from during each weeks call and together you move through the journey of transformation. For this reason each program has strictly limited numbers so each person gets plenty of direct access.

You will explore the keys of:


You will use these as a  mechanism of exploring your multi-dimensional anatomy and you will uncover how each of these Keys is a portal of consciousness that will allow you to better understand who you are at SOUL LEVEL, WHAT you have come here to do, and HOW you can do this interacting your MIND-BODY-ENERGY triad with the quantum field.

Key 1 Center

Explore the dimension of being centred, not projecting into the future with your thoughts, or influenced from the past with your thinking, but being fully present anchored into the moment here and now. The dimension of centredness allows one to be calm under pressure and not get caught up into emotional reactions, to respond consciously and clearly to life and event waves that come towards you so you may be calm in the storm of life.

Key 2 Purity

Uncover the cutting edge programming techniques to lead a disease free, and ageless life. Uncover the purification techniques and processes to allow you to be in optimal health and vitality for you and your clients. You will receive resources to be able to live at the highest levels of vitality, explore the key systems of the body and how to manage them so you can increase your personal light quotient and raise your vibration to the highest levels you can safely manage at this time.

Key 3 Stability

Explore the first chakra as an insight into stability in your life, and how the image of external stability of job, relationship, home, are all illusions and the real source of stability in one’s life is internal stability which is held through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Being stable is really about having stable thoughts and balanced emotions no matter what events are happening around you. Understand how you need to master your emotions to be stable enough to receive the higher frequencies coming down to the planet at this time.

Key 4 Creativity

Understand the creation and manifestation process and and learn how to regulate your energy field to birth your creations in the physical world with effortless intention. Uncover the alchemy of manifestation, transmuting energy in the astral plane down into the physical plane of existence by matching and holding the vibration of what it is you wish to manifest. Ensuring both the masculine energies and feminine energies are both used in the creation process, and how to use both energies to create life to your ideas.

Key 5 Identity

Your personal identity comes about by knowing who you truly are, understanding what has shaped you as a person. By exploring the challenges you have overcome you realise what codes you carry in your field that help unlock others. Here you identify how you may be of service to your fellow humans. There is no more noble cause than service to humanity, and in finding what you have over come you find in your self the codes that can help uplift others through your energy field. The strength in your identity helps not to be pulled or swayed by the opinion of others, you become your own master and others opinions matter not. You trust your intuition which come into your third chakra and you are able to process both the intuitive mind, heart and intellect working together.

Key 6 Love

Dive into the power centre of your system, the sacred human heart. The human heart is the gateway that allows you to access the higher dimensions and is the bridge holding your spiritual energies in combination with your human energies anchored here on earth. The heart is 50 times more electrically powerful than the brain, and 5000 times more electro-magnetically powerful than the brain. It is truly your power centre and entrains all other biological rhythms in your body. In this section you will learn how you block love in your system and how to live with each day in your field and utilise it’s power to magnetise your longings, desires and personal mission towards you. You will explore how love is your true power centre in your body and how the power of purpose can expand your energetic power to accelerate towards you all the resources you need to manifest your dreams.

Key 7 Expression

The fifth chakra is your centre of communication and expression, where you speak your truth. It’s your ability to articulate what is there for you and your concepts and ideas in clear and practical ways. This level of the human energy field is also the level of divine will. Aligning with this powerful level you are able to feel the divine presence’s support and effortless unfolding of the divine plan. When you are able to align your energies with this powerful force and let go of the controlling human ego and will and align with your divine purpose and mission, then all powerful creation energies flow through you and you are greatly accelerated in your life’s mission. Here you will learn how to connect with this divine will and open up communication pathways to guidance and support.

Exploring this chakra will teach you to open up your inner sight, your ability to see into the future and create and manifest your vision for a better world and your role in it’s creation. It’s about not only the ability to envisage things, but also carry it out in a pragmatic step by step fashion. While on the sixth level of the field is about connecting to divine love, knowing that all the love you need is inside of you, and is always available through source energy, not through external relationships, knowing that this love is always available and is always freely given allows you to drop into deeper feelings of peace and security as you wake to the fact that love is all there is.

Key 9 Knowing

Unlock your direct connection to universal intelligence and the divine mind by strengthening your connection to the god head. Learn how to receive downloads and distinguish divine messages from your own personal thoughts. Move into a state of knowing which is a dimension deeper than believing, and as such uncover that you are indeed a spark of god, and as such have full creative power without limitation. It is by aligning with divine will and allowing divine love to come through you, that you unlock divine wisdom. The wisdom that comes through you from the creator direct. Only those with pure intention of service and pure in heart will be gifted with the code that unlocks divine wisdom.


The program is set up in an energetic container where the group hologram is projected through increasing frequency as the weeks progress linked to the lessons of the KEY. This means that the challenges and lessons of that KEY will directly show up in your life as you navigate the program. This means you will come face to face with your old programs and habits, be triggered by friends, co – workers and family. You will then be coached how to transcend these challenges and thus rewrite your programming so you can create a better reality. This program is only for people SERIOUS about making true lasting lifelong change. Please do not apply if you want a quick fix or just want to be passive and receive healing. To make real progress and transfigure your limiting patterns you need to actively explore yourself from the deepest levels.


Each week you will receive clearings and activations that are designed to steadily raise your vibration by clearing your Bio-Energy Field, Karma, and DNA template. This is a journey of healing and facilitation so please allow space for yourself to integrate each KEY.

From my learnings with Limitless I began to give myself the space and trust the process and with each key and understanding my life began to take a change for the better! I am in flow for most of the time now and always know when and if I am heading out of flow, I can bring myself back. I am a lot more relaxed and calm, happier! My relationship has improved with my partner, we have our spark back again, I understand my clients and can hear where they are coming from. I even feel I am healing them at times and they seem to hang on to my words. I understand my Life Purpose now I am much more in touch with myself, loving my body and self! I have more time and I am so looking forward to the journey of where my Life Purpose is going to take me!

Thank you Christof so much for your sharing of your learnings and all your healing’s and activations. You have certainly changed my life for the better. I feel like my life has started and I am really looking forward to what lies ahead!”

Ainsley Burton

DNA Regenesis

The key to unlocking your fullest potential is stored in the powerhouse that is your DNA

Most people know the physical properties of DNA having two double helix strands containing the informant the body uses to code for proteins to help make new cells. This information is stored in nucleotides of DNA compromised of cytosine (C), guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T) which link together to create a alphabet code which provides instruction sets for your system to function.

These letters are repeated 3.1 billion times in the nucleus of each each and every cell, and given that you have 75 trillion or so cells, that is a lot of coding. In addition there are 10 etheric strands of DNA which inmost people lie dormant that also contain a powerhouse of information and potential. Just as our body has an energy field that contains all our encoded holographic information so does our DNA have this potential. 

Currently most people are using just 3% of their physical DNA and nothing of their energetic DNA. The etheric DNA over time has been shut down and most people have lost their potential to have these strands fully activated. Just imagine what you would be able to accomplish if you began using 100% of both your physical and etheric DNA.

This is what the DNA REGENESIS protocol does, it helps to energetically rewire your DNA to be able to activate it more fully into it’s original divine organic template, which is a Divine Angelic Diamond Sun 12 strand DNA template.

This regeneration process ACTIVATES the energetic portions of your DNA and allows you to connect and begin accreting far more light into your system. Currently you are probably accreting 3 dimensions of consciousness of light through your DNA template. When you move through the DNA REGENESIS protocol you will have the potential to accrete 12 dimensions of light consciousness since each DNA strand is coded to that dimension. If you have 3 strands active for example you will only be accessing the third dimension of light. If you have 8 strands active for example you will be accessing 8 dimensions of consciousness and running through this light through your system.

The more your DNA is activated the more your consciousness will have expanded much closer to the part of you closest to Source or God.

In this state you will be able to start tapping into your HIGH SENSE PERCEPTION, your DIVINE GIFTS and SIDDHI’S. Meaning that you will move past drama, see usually hidden things with clarity, experience increased intuition and knowing.

DNA activation is one of the core behaviour change protocols used since ALL information is stored and housed in the DNA coding which provides the instruction sets of everything in your body.

If you would like to learn more about this important process please enrol in my free mini course:


The Science of Genetic Divinity

Yes I want to start Activating my DNA template back to it’s Divine Template

*THANK YOU* For developing the DNA RE-GENESIS protocol. I so much clearer and lighter, have more energy and need less sleep. I’m much more able to focus and have had some beautiful client sessions and synchronicities, and more clients contacting me wanting sessions. I’ve knuckled down to several tasks which I’d been putting off, and feel open and relaxed about the future.”

Clare Jackson

New Earth Leadership

A Leader of the New Earth is a multi-dimensional leader, who has learned from the new sciences and from the new disciplines to develop a new worldview that will bring humanity into the Golden Age.

This new worldview is an evolutionary perspective about sustainability regarding People, Planet, and Prosperity. NEW EARTH LEADERS have the ability to think past their personal or organisational viewpoint and by their actions are able to bring out the best in people, make personal and organisational decisions that are congruent with obtaining a sustainable global civilisation, yet can still deliver massive productivity and prosperity for the good of all.

The concept of New Earth Leadership refers to people who are prepared to step into their potential and lead with the hearts intelligence in terms of creating products, programs, services, and leading teams to be in align with the shifting global values of unified intelligence, equality and a environmentally sustainable peace loving society.

The ONLY way to create this future is to elevate your own consciousness and see through the illusions that have created the synthetic matrix in which our planet and people have become imprisoned in. By re-establishing your divine organic architecture you are able to move out of the synthetic matrix and plug yourself back into the organic reality and co-create your and Earth’s future through divine intelligence rather than the synthetic hive mind of the lower based frequencies of ego.

In order to develop the consciousness, internal coding and programming needed to make such a leap. Leaders of the New Earth must move past the heavy conditioning and imprinting imposed upon them from external influences that not only limit the perception of reality into a state of separation but has created programming of fear, worry, guilt, shame, competition, false reality distortions, greed, patriarchal domination, false father gods, sexual distortion, addiction, victim – victimiser software, armageddon (end of times) software, divine and conquer strategies, and various dependency’s that litter the frame work of humanity’s hive mind operating system.

In order to truly create the New Earth, Leaders must begin to change from the inside out. They must choose to reprogram their own internal architecture and personal hologram away from the synthetic matrix upon which our world exists today and into the NEW EARTH ARCHITECTURE. Otherwise despite all their best ideas and efforts to create a better world, they will simply be creating this from the old frequency template that has created all of these issues in the world in the first place.

You must change the operating parameters of your own internal personal hologram to move out of the synthetic operating system that exists today and into the organic divine template that was our original human design, and create, build and operate from this place and upload your new operating frequency containing your project strategically to the Earth grids where you can help set a new morphogenetic signature for our species and planet.


New Earth Mentorship


5 Traits of a Leader of The New Earth


EMPOWERMENTS are highly transformational experiences purposed to reprogram your DNA and entire energy blueprint into a higher vibrational human template.These monthly sessions of remote energy transference are facilitated by a powerful trinity team of individuals who have each gained high levels of self realisation and energy mastery.They are channeling divine energy together with their codes of accomplishment.

  • Gain energy, clarity and body alignment
  • Liberate yourself from limiting human programs
  • Raise your vibration to experience your greater potential
  • Switch on dormant DNA through expanding perception
  • Transform root causes of suffering and discomfort
  • Quicken manifestation of your preferred reality
  • Open more channels for Higher Self embodiment
  • Bring forth unrealized talents and abilities

Entrepreneurial Alignment

So you found your PURPOSE and have developed your MISSION, you are deeply passionate about what you do and it’s going to help a load of people. You have a powerful business plan or model but for some reasons it’s not being fulfilled to it’s potential.

The reason is held stored in your energetic anatomy and DNA template. In order to achieve the highest realisation of your vision you need your subconscious mind and energetic bodies to be in alignment with your conscious minds. As well as having the knowledge how to MANIFEST by controlling your personal energy signature.

There is a a complex interplay of beliefs across EXPERIENTIAL, ANCESTRAL, PAST LIFE and SOUL LEVEL that all need systematically clearing along side other various ENERGETIC and SPIRITUAL MALWARE that clog up your personal ENERGY SIGNATURE that prevents you from reaching the highest level of your potential.

ENTREPRENEURIAL MIND-BODY-ENERGY ALIGNMENT serves to clear your multi-dimensional anatomy of any discordances preventing you from actualising your VISION  It is a combination of access to specific recorded education, clearing and activation’s designed to get you energetically as clean as possible before your two one to one sessions which consist of an energetic scan that picks up highest priority distortions that will clear and align your Mind-Body-Energy triad, and remove lingering beliefs, images, blocks and distortions not in alignment with your Divine Self’s purpose and mission.

This program combines the clearing and DNA activation protocol’s of:

  • A bio-Energy Field Clearing (2 hours)
  • Karma Clearing (2 hours 15 mins)
  • Un-natural Seal Removal (1 hour 30 mins)
  • DNA Activation:
    • Strands 1 – 4 (1 hour 15 mins)
    • Strands 5 – 8 (1 hour 20 mins)
    • Strands 9 – 12 (1 hour 35 mins)
  • Money Malware Programming removal 2 x (2 hours)
  • Plus two, 2 hour personal consultations with Akasha and Christof.

Total program Length Approx 20 hours.

Investment £1,999

Yes I want to get started in aligning my mind-body-energy triad to improve my entrepreneurial operating system