Humanity’s Evolution & Your Soul Mission

Architecting Humanity’s Evolution

We are living in remarkable times. Earth is increasing in VIBRATION and massive amounts of PLASMA frequencies our bombarding our planet due to our current position and trajectory in the milky way galaxy. 

The inevitability due to this increased rate in vibration on Earth, is that we (the human species) will also begin waking up on mass due to this increased rate in electron oscillation (increased vibration). Humanity will begin waking up to the fact that the divine is NOT external to us but actually within side of us. That we are not human beings but DIVINE BEINGS.

No longer will we as a species be able to tolerate abuse to one another or the abuse to our planet. More and more people will start seeing though the illusion of the third dimension that see’s us as separate, disconnected and disempowered. More and more of us will start seeing though the eyes of CONNECTION, LOVE and UNITY.

More and more people will feel the DESIRE to CARE for one another, Earth and all her life forms.  This will create a massive sift in perceptions and attitudes from “how much can I get?” To “how much can I give?” Which in turn will translate into products, services and causes, that will catalyse humanity from an EGO based perceptive reality, to a more spiritually conscious and intelligent species. 

Those that align their products and services to meet these inevitable shifting beliefs and values will be at the forefront of the next great revolution coming to the planet. The CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION.

Earth’s energetic anatomy and morphogenetic structure (form holding template) is changing. It is going through a dimensional blending from a lower dimensional octave (third) into a higher octave (fourth and fifth). The actual energy grids which run over the Earth are starting to CLEAR and ACTIVATE with various places on the planet such as sacred sites, ley line intersections, planetary chakra’s, star gates, and crystal cathedrals all beginning to increase in vibration.

As a direct result of this our DNA template as a species is mutating from carbon based structure to crystalline, and more energetic pieces of our DNA’s potential have the ability to AWAKEN and ACTIVATE. As a result our energetic frequency has a much higher potential. However you must be a conscious participator in this process and be aware of the steps and processes required

Because EVERYTHING is vibration it is the stepping down of these higher vibrational frequencies into the Earth grids and into our personal DNA that helps accelerate and create the bridge between dimension’s which is humanities current evolutionary projection.

I help to ARCHITECT the stepping down of these frequencies both into Earth’s and Humanity’s energetic anatomy. Practically this plays out in my role on the planet by working with higher dimensional energy and bringing this down into various physical locations on Earth to help CLEAR and ACTIVATE specific geographical locations. We do this by holding various events and ceremonies around the world that raises the vibration of the area and those within it.

Working with humanity I help to ENCODE and RE-PROGRAM those who feel a sense of PURPOSE to help create the New Earth. I help you by creating upgraded software programming in your DNA and Bio-Energy Field to create an alignment between your SOUL VISION and your PROGRAMMING to carry this out.


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“Christof Melchizedek is a visionary in the field of the mind-body paradigm. He is incredibly in touch with understanding how to align a person’s energy field to create greater inner and outer balance. Anyone can benefit working with Christof, he is focused and highly motivated and his integrity shines as he is clearly living and sharing his passion. I am grateful to have been touched by the light that so brightly shines from his heart.”

Laura Warf, Inspirational Speaker and Mind-Body Specialist

Architecting Your Soul Mission

The Leaders of the New Earth are God Sovereign and Free beings who have resolved all layers and levels of Karma, cleared all artificial energetic distortions, and have activated their DNA template to it’s highest energy holding potential.

When you connect to your HIGHER SELF and align with the templates held there relating to your purpose to incarnating, and begin to walk this path in your life you cannot help but create and attract abundance as you are fulfilling your LIFE PURPOSE and as such there is immense spiritual support to help you fulfil your divinely held MISSION.

As you begin to know yourself more deeply at SOUL LEVEL you are able to match your DIVINE GIFTS held at soul level with your chosen life path, so that you are able to work easily with out stress or overwhelm as the work you are doing utilises the natural talents and gifts specific to you.

The more you move off your path as agreed by your HIGHER SELF, the more challenging, difficult and complicated life becomes. The more you align with your LIFE PATH the easier life flows since you are connecting with higher dimensional energy that is already set up as a template for you.