Understand how to better navigate yourself

There are basically only two reasons why you are not currently playing at the level you know you are destined for:

You have BLOCKAGES (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, DNA)

You do not understand or know how to drive your PERSONAL HOLOGRAM to create the reality you want

New Earth Leadership

New Earth Leadership is a program for change makers and people on a MISSION who would like to DEEPLY understand how to better navigate themselves for successful OUTCOMES, and then lead others to their vision of a better world through the use of their products and services.

The most successful (and even logical business people) have a DEEP DESIRE to understand how things truly work at the spiritual level of reality and in themselves, and have a drive to create change at a personal, community and global level.

In truth this is the LONGING of every person on the planet with an evolving consciousness to DEEPLY KNOW themselves. To learn, grow and develop with an expanded highly conscious PEER GROUP who are there to SUPPORT ENCOURAGE AND UPLIFT you to your highest potential.

New Earth Leaders is for you if you are currently achieving some success, but know you are scratching the surface of your potential and you have something important to share with the world and would like to learn the advanced physics of MANIFESTATION and DIVINE ALIGNMENT with the internal programming to match to get your MISSION out to the world.

In this program you learn:

  • How to consciously control your personal hologram
  • How to achieve effortless health and vitality
  • How to clear your blockages preventing your success
  • How to consciously control your personal hologram
  • How to achieve effortless health and vitality
  • How to clear your blockages preventing your success
  • How to clear karma so you evolve out your parents conditioning
  • The actual process to manifest your intentions
  • How to manage the group harmonics of teams
  • How to respond energetically to other’s emotional reactions
  • How to read people and situations to make the right decisions
  • How to clear the source of all blockages of stressful situations
  • Connect to your higher self and manage life from this place
  • How to activate your DNA template

“We live in a world today that is highly complex, fast-paced, and more interconnected than ever before. The challenges we face, in all spheres – social, political, economic, ecological – are as daunting as the opportunities are compelling. In order to sustainably address them requires a unique kind of leader – a systems leader – one who sees how humans are a part of nature and not separate from it. And how the very heart of making big changes globally starts with making small changes internally. And this is why the work of Christof and Akasha is so timely and relevant. They are immensely gifted, on so many levels, with Wisdom and Heart that hug with enduring depth. They are dedicated to helping all those committed to the path live in alignment with the values needed to support the long term well-being of our planet and all that it contains. Their heart-based, holistic, systems-approach is exactly what is required at this time to help lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness.


New Earth Leaders:

  • Have a global outlook and perspective
  • Promote visions of a better world
  • Have emotional, ecological, commercial, and systems intelligence
  • Understand the power of language for mobilising people to action
  • Are the seed carriers for a new culture of consciousness

If this resonates with you and you would like to be personally mentored and guided into having a much bigger IMPACT linked to your Soul Mission then apply for the New Earth Leadership Mentoring Circle.


5 Traits of a Leader of the New Earth

My mission is to help prepare a highly talented group of Evolutionary Leaders, men and woman who are on a mission to help shape and create the New Earth who are in themselves stepping into their highest potential to become Leaders of the New Earth.

New Earth Leadership a relatively new concept in the Leadership field. It refers to a leaders ability to see past short term personal or organisational view points, and see a larger interconnected world view that conserves the biosphere, human beings, and our well being. It facilitates a new world view that compromises biological, ecological, technological, and industrial systems intelligence that promote and develop visions and systems of a better sustainable world. A world where an organisation or corporation focuses on the triple bottom line of People, the Planet as well as generating Prosperity.

Each time we meet up you are guided through a transformational process of upgrading your personal hologram and DNA template to it’s highest energy holding potential. You not only learn but actually experience the advanced mechanics and science of upgrading your personal internal programming and energy signature to the level where you can enter FLOW. That state where you are able to manifest your intentions EFFORTLESSLY and EASILY.

You will explore the divine sciences of personal alchemy and transformation so that you are able to co-create your soul mission with a group of other talented THOUGHT LEADERS and CHANGE MAKERS.

We focus on supporting a small group of exceptional beings who are here to play full out and embody their SOUL MISSION and IMPACT the world in a meaningful way to help the evolution of our species. The only way for this to happen is for leaders to integrate the Christos Architecture into their multi-dimensional anatomy. The Christos Architecture is 12 dimension’s of consciousness running through a fully activated DNA template and fully open energetic system. By establishing this bio-circuitry and energetic template leaders are fully able to embody their divine potential and help build this morphogenetic signature as the template for their MISSION.

We believe that ENTREPRENEURSHIP and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS BUSINESS will help transform the planet. By helping you align yourself and your mission in the higher dimensions we are able to clear, activate and protect your MISSION from external interference and ensure that your personal architecture is in divine right order for you to succeed.

If you feel you are ready to be Mentored and Energetically upgraded by Christof and Akasha into the Architecture needed to help embody your SOUL MISSION then please apply by filling out this application form.

“The effects of working with Christof and Akasha through various programmes over the last few months has seen my life totally shift. My vibration is much higher, I am zinging. I am better able able to stand my own ground, speak my truth, not allow others to manipulate me, give up ancient addictions & more deeply commit to my Soul Mission of making transformational art & to take steps into the public arena in this field. My diet has totally shifted, I have lost friends not serving my highest evolutions & gained new one’s who do. I have connected deeper with the earth & my cosmic mission here & I have a whole load of exciting new possibilities & adventures ahead of me. The effects of the healing’s have been not only dramatic for myself but hearing the others feedback on the program I am like wow! I now feel I have the tools to be sovereign and free and I’m know I’m better aligned for my mission to create art to shift consciousness. Thank you.”

Sabrina Hamilton

Genetic Liberation

If you are interested in being guided through accelerating your consciousness and spiritual evolution for it’s own sake rather than linked to your business or soul mission, then Genetic Liberation Mentoring is a better fit for you.

In Genetic Liberation we focus upon education of the divine sciences and apply these ancient teachings and techniques to your accelerated spiritual evolution. The ultimate goal of every incarnating Soul is to liberate their genetics. Liberation refers to overriding the requirement to return to Earth to complete training, lessons and teachings on the 3rd dimensional plane for the soul. Leaving one free to leave behind all Earth bound experiences to explore other systems and continue one’s journey back to source,  or giving you the choice to stay for the purposes of serving humanity.

To achieve Liberation is a major achievement of any Soul and Akasha whom I serve with achieved Liberation at the tender age of 23.

He was Mentored by the Himalayan yogi Babaji Nagaraj who is known as the Ageless Avatar due to his realisation of immortality while in physical form. Since this time Akasha has continued to be contacted by both Babaji and two Himalayan Rishi’s known as Boganathar and Agastya. These Himalayan Masters are highly evolved immortal beings, who have transcended the elemental nature of gross matter and are the pure embodiment of source consciousness.

It is only recently that Akasha has been given permission to share the ancient wisdom of the Rishi’s and the Immortal path known as Liberation. He has come together with Christof to help people understand this pathway and accelerate the internal coding and architecture needed to embody the energetics required to achieve Liberation.

Akasha is able to scan your multi-dimensional anatomy and read exactly where the next steps are in unlocking these ancient pathways needed to achieve Genetic Liberation. Christof as The Architect then holds the coding to be able to change your bio-energy field and DNA template into the next steps of your spiritual evolution. Then the aspirant must apply the high specialised and technical meditations that go alongside this process to integrate embody the work completed during contact sessions.

Christof and Akasha have united to bring you the most cutting edge and advanced personal accelerated spiritual evolutionary process available on Earth at this time, which is available for you to assist you in your own Genetic Liberation.

Christof and Akasha have developed the Institute of Divine Potential to expand this knowledge to other teachers, sages and adepts who feel ready to share this pathway in the form of certifications and teacher training’s.

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To be taken through this process with Christof and Akasha fill out the application for GENETIC LIBERATION MENTORSHIP to be considered for the process.