Machu Picchu
Amazon Avatar Trip Extension

Machu Picchu Trip Extension

With out a doubt one of the highlights of the Limitless Amazon experience is the optional trip extension and final ceremony on top of Machu Picchu. After all the hard work, realisations and break through’s in the Amazon, a break out from our home in the jungle is welcomed.

The trip extension adds in one of the 7 Wonders of the world – Machu Picchu, as well as exploring Cusco and other sacred ruins and places of interest in the area.

There is a sacred purpose of this trip, which is to help active and charge one of the major CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL COMPLEX’S in the world that is releasing PLASMA LIGHT.

We will be performing sacred ceremony and uploading all our upgraded codes into the Crystal Cathedral Complex of Peru.


We will be visiting each one in turn and performing a major land activation sending all your upgrade’s codes and realisations into the Earth’s Crystal Cathedral Complex in a Planetary Service Mission.

Through out this journey we will have time to explore, sight see, shop, dine wonderful restaurants and take in and assimilate the beautiful Peruvian and Incan culture.

Machu Picchu is one trip on most people’s bucket list and there is no better way of experiencing this with your brothers and sisters you have had such a deep profound experience with in the jungle.

Day One: Wednesday, Walking Tour Cusco

We meet with our guide for the trip extension for a briefing after lunch and go on a walking tour of Cusco, taking in many of the historical sights and learning about the living culture of Peru, it’s Incan history and many of the marvellous buildings and architecture of the city.

This includes a thorough tour of the city’s main focal point, and most important cultural piece – The temple of the Sun. We explore all the Incan astronomy culture and how this was preserved in their buildings and architecture.

Once we have explored the Temple of the Sun outside in the Gardens we will perform our first Planetary Grid Upload for the Crustal cathedral Complex and come together in circle to run our new frequency’s into the Earth grids.

The afternoon is free to explore the wonderful vibrant city of Cusco, take in her sights, shop, dine and enjoy the culture of this wonderful place.

Day Two: Thursday Sacred Valley Tour

We leave in the morning for our Sacred Valley Tour, with stops along the way to stop and visit the ruins of SACSAYHUAMAN and the second of our Crystal Cathedral’s Activations. Here you will learn the importance of this site as it over looks Cusco, and marvel at the megalithic stone structures holding the space at the site.

We will then move onto visiting an animal sanctuary where you will come into close contact with some of the wildlife of Peru, including Puma’s, Parrot’s and the mighty Condor.

From there we travel to the mountainous ruins of PISAC where you will explore the old Incan village there and be cast back in time as you visualise life from another millennia. Once we have walked the ruins we will perform our third Crystal Cathedral Activation.

From there we will move onto lunch and exploring the vibrant and amazing markets of PISAC where you will be sure to find many gifts for friends and loved ones back home. The Pisac market is one of the best markets in all of Peru, the arrange of arts and crafts is second to none. You can get excellent quality cheap silver and jewellery here amongst many other precious rocks, stones and shamanic items.

From here we drive an hour to the sacred town of OLLAYANTAMBO, which was an important historical town on route to Machu Picchu for the Incan’s and is the departure gateway for the majority of tourists to go to Machu Picchu by train. We will relax and take dinner and get a well earned good night sleep so we can get up early and explore the ruins of Ollayantambo the next morning before our train trip to AQUAS CALIENTES, the stepping stone to Macchu Picchu.

Day Three: Friday Ollayantambo Ruins and Train to Aquas Calientes

After a well rested night we get up and explore the ruins of OLLAYANTAMBO, a historically important cultural centre of the Incan empire. The Ollayantambo ruins are some of the most spectacular in Peru due to the height at which the massive stone structures had to be set and either carried or teleported up to the top of the hill where they rest over looking and protecting Ollayantambo.  

Once we have completed our tour of the ruins and said goodbye to the incredible energy there we board our train to AQUAS CALIENTES. The train trip is beautiful and scenic and will weave it’s way alongside the river for around 2 hours until we arrive at Aquas Calientes.

From here you have the rest of the day off to explore this interesting city which has pretty much developed as the stepping stone to Macchu Picchu. You can shop, check out the hot springs, take a well earned massage and recover some for our big day on Macchu Picchu the next day.

Day Four: Saturday Machu Picchu Sacred Site

This with out a doubt will be one of the highlights of your life, after all the clearings, and activation work in the jungle you are now ready to receive the high crystalline energy and codes of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu carries many important energy codes, and frequency upgrades, so you are able to receive enormous amounts of energy, downloads, and realisations. It is an incredible experience.

We will start our day early and catch a bus around 5.00am. We will start our guided tour around 6am and get the history, culture, and community understanding out the way quickly so we can enjoy the rest of the day relaxing and soaking up the energy of one of the worlds most incredible sacred sites.

After our tour we will be doing a San Pedro ceremony. San Pedro is a cactus that is found in the area that has mystical properties and allows you to connect deeply and commune with nature. The medicine further thins the veil between dimensions which is already incredibly thin being in one of the worlds places of power. You will enjoy insights, revelation, connection with nature spirits, and incredible downloads and upgrades in frequency to your field, as well as come together in ritual and ceremony again for the planetary grid transmission into the Crystal cathedral at Machu Picchu.

One of the most remarkable things about Machu Picchu is the breathtaking views that you are surrounded by. With the Apu’s (Mountains) all around the Incan’s felt this was their power and protection, and being on this scared place you can’t argue with them. Simply put this is an experience you will never forget.

We finish the evening together with a beautiful celebration dinner and story swapping of all out insights revelations and experiences of the day.

Day Five: Sunday Moray Sacred Site & Return to Cusco

Sunday morning we are up early to catch our train back out to Ollayantambo where our chariot awaits to whisk us off to MORAY the final sacred site for our Crystal Cathedral Activation’s. We come together for our final ceremonial circle and do our final group sharing and review of our overall experience together.

We will explore your realisations and insights as you think ahead about integrating the whole experience back into life back home. 

Afterwards we return to Cusco for the late afternoon where our group finally disbands and people begin their journeys home the next morning or move onto other adventures.