Limitless Ibiza Intensive
A Transformational Retreat

Limitless Ibiza Intensive

One of the most powerful and effective ways of creating a rapid transformation is getting out of your current reality by embarking on a transformational retreat. The LIMITLESS IBIZA retreat is a transformational event like no other, since Limitless focuses not only on education, but most importantly reprogramming the beliefs, imprinted programs, and energetic woundings stored in your bio-energy field.

Limitless Ibiza is a unique highly personalised deep transformational experience where you come to understand not only the fabric of reality through the in-depth modules of educational programming, but also come into contact with your own internal programming that shapes your reality and change this limiting internal programming for the better.

Change Your Programming Change Your Life

The ONLY way to change your EXTERNAL reality is to change your INTERNAL programming

Your internal programming is the way you interpret and process reality according to the experiences that you have accumulated not only through your own life, but also those stored in your parents and ancestral lines.

This programming create’s belief’s that we accept as real and identify ourselves with, and as a consequence shape our False Self Personality (the part of ourselves that has deviated from our divine essence). This is the part of your personality that has been created through parental and societal conditioning and the various levels of karma and imprinted programming that has created a set of responses that form persona’s, archetypes, and emotional reactions that create your behaviours. 

These are all known as Imprinted Program’s which are created through the various forms of conditioning we receive growing up. Imprinted Program’s are activate in response to real and perceived stressful and painful episodes that that cause us to behave automatically from our pain body, resulting in distorted outcomes. It is these collective Imprinted Programs that are responsible for all the results (good or bad) in your life.

Limitless Ibiza Intensive - Webinar Replay - Overview


Very excited to share with you – some of the HEALINGS, CLEARINGS, ACTIVATIONS and personal process that you will experience LIVE on RETREAT. Really this is a wonderful opportunity to connecting in deeply with some of our teachings but most importantly some of the skill sets and abilities we will bring to the retreat to accelerate, massively and dramatically your PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION!

What You Can Expect

Limitless Ibiza is a deep dive immersion into the Mind-Body-Energy matrix that shapes your full multi-dimensional reality

Using the Limitless framework we work through THE 9 KEYS and explore each KEY’s lessons both from an intellectual understanding and also through experiential learning.  

Through the unique energetic awareness exercises, guided transmissions, visualisations, healing ceremonies, and code transmissions you will overcome your limiting programming across all levels of your awareness.

We have a full line up of programming, including:

  • Delicious cleansing organic food
  • Daily yoga and movement
  • Meditations
  • Healing ceremonies, 
  • Educational awareness through Limitless The 9 Keys
  • One to one’s and group process to raise your vibration, Island excursions and adventures
  • The healing energy of the magical island of Ibiza
The 9 Keys

Healing Ceremonies

The highlight for many is experiencing, and witnessing the powerful healing ceremonies
in the evenings where you sit inside a high frequency field of energy

Akasha and Christof work on just two people each evening in a very in-depth highly sacred ceremonial format. You will navigate an in-depth soul level dialogue with Christof as he direct and honest approach guided by his direct knowing helps to uncover hidden aspects of your past that are affecting you today. While Akasha will perform a soul reading and energetic scan which will determine the highest priority energetic distortions that we will repair and heal in your bio-energy field as we perform energetic surgeries with the celestial surgical teams to raise your and the groups vibration.

What you will learn:

  • How disease’s are created in your body and how to avoid them
  • How to upgrade your internal programming and reclaim your power
  • How this universe is structured and operating rules to abide by
  • How your chakra’s, merdian’s, nadi’s and endocrine glands interface 
  • How your DNA can be activated to hold more light
  • How to raise your vibration though simple energetic exercises
  • The science and physics of manifestation
  • How to connect to your Higher Self and receive this wisdom and guidance
  • How to overwrite limiting programming in your mind software
  • Who you are at Soul Level and how to walk in alignment with your Soul Purpose
  • And much much more…

You will receive:

  • Multiple Bio-Energy Field Clearings and Activations
  • A full Mind Virus cleanse, cleaning negative programming capping your potential
  • An Ancestral clearing so you don’t walk in the Karma of your parents
  • DNA activation’s to increase the amount of light held in your DNA
  • Un-natural seal removal to clear un-natural energetic blocks
  • New insights about the nature of reality
  • New friends who will feel like family

Here’s what Darren Swanepol sent me after being initiated through the Limitless Process:

Limitless has helped me to love and feel my way thorough life, which is a welcome shift from thinking, puzzling, pushing and forcing. I am able to connect to my wife in a way that allows us to both have full cups, and not need things from each other. It has opened up a whole new relationship.

We have navigated having a daughter in the way that it should be, blissful, heart exploding love and joy. The most beautiful experience I have had the honour of living.

My stressful, overwhelming, painful business has become a quiet, chilled, rewarding, exercise that I am able to use as a vehicle for adding value and making money to support my family and enjoy what life has to offer.

Clients are overwhelmed by the value I am providing and it’s become effortless, I don’t feel like I’m working. On top of it, I get to be home and spend time with my daughter, instead of rushing around tending to things that aren’t actually important.

I have moved away from trying to get a feeling of acceptance from people around me, and have finally realized that love and self acceptance are what I needed. Love truly comes from within, and I have an abundance inside me.

Throughout the whole journey I felt Christof’s caring and truth. He has such an immense power, and his motivation is so pure. I feel honoured to have been able to spend this time with such a being of light.

I cannot convey my gratitude in words, I have been given a gift that exceeds all measure of value. Thank you. I now get it, I am that I am.

Darren Swanepol

Limitless Ibiza Line Up

We will be starting our mornings with fresh juices and smoothies, and eating a super clean organic based detox diet. All freshly prepared on site at our beautiful villa I have leased for the event. It’s a purpose built venue with a yoga platform meditation and healing room, 6 bedrooms, and 2 additional yurt’s for those keen on an arabic sleeping chamber.

Our days will be in the flow of morning movement and yoga, fresh juice, smoothie, one of the Key’s programming, organic lunch, one to one’s personal and group process, island excursion/adventure (these compromise of visiting markets, hiking, biking, swimming etc) then home organic dinner, with the extraordinary healing ceremony’s in the evenings.

This program is very full and is focused on your personal transformation and not just simply having a relaxing time in the sun and beauty of Ibiza, while these things will definitely happen the sole and primary focus is to completely transform and rewire your energetic circuitry and give you a different holographic reality when you return back home.

Hence the main focus of this experience is personal transformation, so you will be going through personal process, which can be challenging to confront yourself in such a deep direct way as the way Christof and Akasha facilitate you will be required to look into the deep aspects of yourself usually held in shadow and asked to explore there. It is by exploring the shadow do you accrete more light.

About The Venue: Hacienda Morna

Hacienda Morna is a luxury estate on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Set within lush tropical gardens with fruit trees, water features and ornamental fish ponds – the house and grounds offer the perfect environment to base your group event or teambuilding activities.

The estate is situated in a peaceful location near to several unspoilt beaches and authentic fish restaurants, but only fifteen minutes from the clubs and nightlife of Ibiza Town. The famous Nikki Beach resort and chic Amante Beach Club are only a short drive away as is the beautiful Atzaro Spa. Further afield, Ibiza has many other beautiful beaches and stunning hidden coves for your guests to enjoy whilst exploring the island.

Guests can enjoy complete relaxation in the private and intimate surroundings of the house and gardens. The comfortable, luxurious villa was designed by architects Blakstad and features the best in traditional design along with beautifully decorated interiors and luxury furnishings. The main residence offers over 450m2 of stylish indoor and outdoor living space; with sea views from the first floor bedroom terrace and guesthouse, a large private swimming pool, intimate patios, in and outdoor dining areas for group meals, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and tranquil gardens with seating areas. 

The main lounge has six metre ceilings with beautiful rustic beams and features a huge open fire place making it ideal as a central relaxation, socialising or informal meeting space. There is a spacious dining area featuring a striking, hand crafted table that will seat 16+ in comfort and a newly refurbished, well equipped, modern rustic kitchen with a large metal topped preparation island. The 12 x 6 metre private pool is surrounded by beautiful gardens and terraces with sun loungers; a large fish pond, fragrant fruit, olive and tropical trees. There is a large covered veranda for al fresco dining and further formal and informal dining areas around the pool with comfortable and stylish seating. The outdoor kitchen is fully equipped with a large bread / pizza oven, grill, running water and preparation surfaces. 

100% Organic Fairtrade Cotton Linens, Duvets and Towels

For our guests comfort and well-being, we are proud to provide the best in ethically and sustainably sourced bed linen, duvets and towels. Your beds will be made up with beautifully soft, 100% certified organic cotton linens. These are completely free of toxins and harsh chemicals making them suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and allergy sufferers. The organic cotton/wool duvets will help regulate your body temperature, wicking away moisture from the body – keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which is a bonus with the climate here in Ibiza. As well as being Organic all our linens, duvets and towels are certified fairtrade meaning farmers can be lifted out of poverty through the cultivation of organic cotton crops: they do not enter into debt to buy fertilisers to cultivate the cotton and receive a fair pay and are not subject to the commodity pricing of conventional cotton on the global market.