Ibiza Getaway
The Hub of The Institute of Divine Potential

Ibiza Getaway

As part of our evolving mission and growing movement, we have obtained a creative hub for the IODP (Institute of Divine Potential) in Ibiza. This is a place where our team base out of and operates day to day. It’s a beautiful place on Ibiza overlooking the ocean.

As an extension of this property, we have a two bedroom guest house with a beautiful pool also overlooking the sea. This gives rise to a wonderful opportunity to come and experience the island in close proximity to our hub and experience a holiday based transformational experience.

We wanted to give people an opportunity to come for an exciting getaway with friends or family and enjoy all the delights and vibrancy of the island as well as have a major energetic and spiritual upgrade. 

So we created a mini program that involves some morning activity, a healthy fresh breakfast catered for you mid morning with rest of day off to relax and enjoy the delights of the island. Ibiza has incredible beaches, markets and restaurants to enjoy with your friends/family and you can base at the guest house to enjoy these delights.

The holidays-retreat at the iodp guest house is a perfect balance between having guided activities and deep transformational experiences and time on your own to integrate and enjoy the island. This is also a unique opportunity to be at the high vibrational IODP home and meet its family members.

You Week Getaway

Your days will be in the flow of morning movement, meditation, yoga, water flow hiking and into a delicious fresh prepared breakfast to set you up for your day.

This is all performed in the morning leaving you free from before lunch time each day to explore the island. Your hostess will help you create a plan for each day based on our experience of the island and what you are looking for.

The key is you are here to come and enjoy the magic of Ibiza, with a healthy and conscious lens. With the peak of your experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a PRIVATE HEALING CEREMONY with Christof, Akasha and IODP family.

The aim of this week and experience is to upgrade your OPERATING SYSTEM which is the way you interpret and process reality according to the experiences that you have accumulated not only through your own life, but also those stored in your parents and ancestral lines.

This programming create’s belief’s that we accept as real and identify ourselves with, and as a consequence shape our False Self Personality (the part of ourselves that has deviated from our divine essence. This is the part of your personality that has been created through parental and societal conditioning and the various levels of karma and imprinted programming that has created a set of responses that form persona’s, archetypes, and emotional reactions that create your behaviours.

These are all known as Imprinted Program’s which are created through the various forms of conditioning we receive growing up. Imprinted Program’s are activate in response to real and perceived stressful and painful episodes that that cause us to behave automatically from our pain body, resulting in distorted outcomes. It is these collective Imprinted Programs that are responsible for all the results (good or bad) in your life.

The idea behind the Ibiza getaway is not only to come and enjoy the magic of Ibiza, but to UPGRADE YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM through a private healing ceremony specially delivered to your group

Private Healing Ceremony

The highlight of the experience is the HEALING CEREMONY on the Thursday evening that Akasha, Christof and the family perform for your group a massive energetic and spiritual upgrade.

Your week of activity, and experiences all leads into the HEALING CEREMONY which is an incredible direct experience of the KRYSTIC SERVER and AURORA REALM frequencies entering our planet at this time.

During the ceremony you will navigate an in-depth soul level dialogue with Christof and Akasha as their direct and honest approach guided by Christof’s direct knowing and Akasha clear vision helps to uncover hidden aspects of your past that are affecting you today.

They will perform a soul reading and energetic scan which will determine the highest priority energetic distortions that we will repair and heal in your bio-energy field as we perform energetic surgeries with the celestial surgical teams to raise your and the group’s vibration.

Our approach is very direct and transformational. We tend to go right to the root cause that is holding you back by identifying the deep, underlying emotional, psychological, physiological or spiritual issue that is locking and blocking you from achieving your highest reality.

We work simultaneously across the Mind-Body-Energy Triad, meaning that all aspects of yourself across all dimensions are simultaneously being worked on. This results in a very holistic, complete and relatively fast transformation, so that you can get on with your MISSION.

We work with light and sound fields, including mathematical scalar wave programs that are encrypted in your bio-field, these provide the reprogramming instruction sets to your multi-dimensional anatomy.

These are held as templates in the higher dimensions and are dropped down into your physical body so that the reprogramming happens both on an energetic and physical level.

This process clears wounds in the Bio-Energy Field (unresolved trauma from previously painful episodes in your life), faulty beliefs you have acquired due to your conditioning from your parents and society, and other energetic and spiritual debris that clutter your Bio-Energy Field and lower your vibration. The over all impact is to clear the magnetics that hold your neural nets in place so that you may actually be able to begin rewiring the actual pathways in your brain. Thus creating new pathways, scripts and outcomes to incoming information waves that are constantly bombarding your system. The over all impact is that this allows you to move from REACTING to events that trigger you, to RESPONDING in alignment with your HIGHER SELF’S direction, plans, and intentions held at SOUL LEVEL.

The overall effect is they help you to remove the MINDSET BLOCKS and INTERNAL BARRIERS preventing you from living your highest reality. They help you ARCHITECT your multi-dimensional anatomy and DNA template to be CLEAR, CONGRUENT, and ALIGNED with your SOUL PURPOSE so that you may go out and execute this purpose without stress or overwhelm.

When you connect to your HIGHER SELF and access the templates, blueprints and plans held there, and match this with what you are actually doing on Earth, everything gets aligned. They help you with this alignment so you can begin operating with FLOW. That is the magical space where synchronicity happens, the right PEOPLE, and OPPORTUNITIES come your way, and you live with abundance.

Healing Ceremony Format

In a specially prepared scared space on the property, they set up a morphogenetic field
of high crystalline energy that you and your group sit it.

You will each go through a direct dialogue with Christof and Akasha where they identify your highest priority energetic distortions that are capping your highest potential and clear them from your hologram. 

After each member has been worked you on you will go through a deep meditative contemplation with beautiful music to integrate your individual sessions for around 20 – 30 minutes. From here another round of group healing and activation will take place to take you deeper in the transformational process further. The ceremony will conclude with another round of dialogue and recap of the realisations and close the portal.

The whole process will last between 3 – 5 hours depending on the group size (maximum 4 people)

A message from Christof and Akasha

Additional Activity

A water healing combines massage, dance and meditation in the water.

As the human body is made of 80% of water, water element has powerful healing properties. While in the water, the mind shuts down and the body moves in its on flow, free from the gravity, allowing unnecessary blockages to be released and bringing a deep blissful state to both mind and body.

Shamanic Trance Dance

Shamanic Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana – together stimulating a ‘trance’ state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being. Driven by unique musical soundtracks, Trance Dance takes participants on an ‘inner journey’ not limited to our normal perceptions of space/time. Trance Dance brings together the richness of shamanism with some startlingly effective modern techniques. 

Las Dalias Hippy Market
  • Visit Ibiza’s great beaches
  • Visit Las Dallias market Monday night
  • Visit the hippy market Wednesday afternoon
  • Attend a couple of Ibiza iconic beach restaurants
  • Visit Es Vedra look out
  • Catch an Ibiza iconic sunset
  • Visit the historic Dalt Vila and Ibiza old town

Arrival on Sunday from 2pm

Each Morning: Starts with gentle movements and meditation session (yoga, walk, dance, breathing, etc…) followed by a delicious breakfast composed of superfood, healthy and organic food.

The purpose is to have a base to start your day, and then allowing yourself to take some time for you and be fully prepared and in the best state for the signature ceremony.

To prepare yourself, each participant will receive a water healing session. The session will wake up the movement of the water inside your body, clearing and bringing up blocked emotions. There will be one session conducted each morning leading into the healing ceremony so that each member of your group ha completed this before Thursday evening.

Tuesday Evening: Shamanic Trance Dance to explore mind and body consciousness. Trance Dance is a deeply compelling inner dance creating an unbiased connection between self and higher self.

Thursday Evening: The most transformative experience with the healing ceremony with Akasha and Christof and family

Friday Evening: The last day will be the time to integrate, and we will close our week together with a beautiful sunset view.

Saturday Mid Morning 12 noon: Check-out

Holiday Retreat Package Options
Guest House Only
Min 3 nights

From 100€ - 275€
per night
for the house

  • Mar/Apr/Nov/Dec - Min 3 nights
  • May/Oct - Min 4 nights
  • June - Min 5 nights
  • July/Aug/Sept - Min 7 nights
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Holiday Retreat Package
7 days/6 nights
(from Sunday to Saturday)

From 1200€ - 1325€
Per person based on 4 in your group

  • 7 days/6 Nights
  • Double Room
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Activities
  • Water Healing Session
  • Shamanic Trance Dance
  • Signature Ceremony
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Dream Holiday
Customise you stay
(small group, shorter/longer)

2/3 Person group
Shorter stay
Longer stay

  • If you would like to customise your Ibiza holiday please contact Sophia with further information.
Contact Sophia

Important Information:
• Contact sophia@iodp.love for pricing options on a Holiday Retreat Package for 2 – 3 people.
• We aim our holiday retreats at small groups, offering bespoke solutions for each one. We are here to help with any queries or be involved with organising any extra activities during your dream stay. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any special requests you may have.
• A rental car is needed to get to our house and around the beautiful island