Multi-dimensional insights from personal experience as a father of two…

The 9th Wave 24th May 2017

The biggest Energy Wave has hit our planet on 24th May 2017.  This was a major energetic upgrade to our beloved planet.  This was in fact a bigger energetic upgrade than the 2012 alignments. Akasha and I connected and did a Krystic Server session on this and what this meant for our evolving planets ascension.…

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Our Birthing Story of Aurora

This is our first intimate interview 10 weeks after the home birth of our second baby daughter Aurora.  We decided to share our birthing story to inspire other parents to explore other models outside of the mainstream for bringing new souls into the world. Enjoy  

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Welcoming our new daughter to Earth

My beloved Alaya and I would like to announce to you the arrival of our beautiful daughter: Aurora Aroha Melchizedek. Born February 28th 1.31 am It was a beautiful ceremony conducted by the light of the Stars in deep meditation in the hypo birthing tradition. Very still, very sacred. Mother and daughter are doing great,…

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What I’ve learned becoming a family man

Wow, it’s been an incredible 18 months since Noa emerged into our lives. Such unimaginable changes in him as he grew and evolved from being a baby in full of need of us to being a toddler starting to explore and discover the world. What is even more incredible is the changes and transformation in myself…

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Intergrating New Souls to Earth

Announcing…. On July 5th, 2015 at 9.33am… Noa Sananda Melchizedek… Was born into our world. It was a beautiful birthing ceremony at home with ALAYA (Mum) Akasha, and a Dr – Midwife husband-wife team…. I wanted to take this moment to share somewhat I feel is important news about integrating souls into this time-space matrix…

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