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Next trip 19 JAN – 5 FEB 2018


Christof Melchizedek


As founder of the Institute of Divine Potential, Christof Melchizedek serves by architecting education that focuses on expanding consciousness and the creation of live experiences. He creates highly expanded soul evolution and treasured lifelong memories.

He has background degrees in psychology, physical education and Brennan Healing Science. Combined with extensive experience in the shamanic healing arts, and direct streaming from the Source, have allowed a beautiful blend of the arts and science of spirituality and consciousness.

His deep comprehension of the life sciences of quantum physics, wave-genetics, epic-genetics, astrobiology and quantum biology, create the much-needed bridge between spiritual principle and scientific revelation. This understanding is translated in many of the Institute of Divine Potential’s education, certifications and live experiences.

Christof’s mission and life work are dedicated to the spiritual sovereignty and evolution of our planet and species. He believes we are living in exciting times of change and transformation and anyone dedicated to expanding their consciousness can achieve remarkable things in a relatively short space of time. Given the right direction combined with the right community support.

Christof serves a light architect, helping to build the morphogenetic fields and new Earth grid templates for our planet’s evolving consciousness and ascension pathway to the higher dimensions. He acts as a bridge for higher dimensional intelligence through the Guardian Alliance and helps to implement specific missions and plans to support Earth on this pathway.

Christof is a loving husband and dedicated father of two. He is passionate about family, and the formulating of a conscious community as being the face and agent of change for our planet. He is passionate about the evolution of our children’s consciousness, and the way parents and communities can influence and shape their children’s life and future generations, through living in alignment with spiritual principle and divine law.

His shared intention behind the Institute of Divine Potential was to create a safe container for individuals to join a community of hearts and minds, who can support each other while integrating spiritual truth and understanding into their personal, family, working and business life. So that together we transform our community and our planet.

Alaya Melchizedek


Alaya Melchizedek is a devoted mother, wife and medicine woman with powerful shamanic coding of the divine feminine. With over 3 years of experience in healing to facilitate ceremonies with Christof, she has enormous experience in the unified field of organic ceremony, in additional to a number of different plant medicine ceremonies. She brings compassion, love, softness and the ancient understanding of how to heal through the power of love. 

Her Icaros bring a beautiful feminine energy into the group container for ceremony, and she deeply understands the path of transformation through direct experience of helping to change countless lives.

Every so often a truly unique and remarkable experience presents itself in life and without a doubt this is one of them and one of the most revolutionary life changing experiences available in the world. Combining the depth and wisdom of the Limitless 9 Keys, with the transformational experience of Peruvian Plant medicines creates a holistic multi-dimensional breakthrough experience.

The Limitless Amazon is a program like no other on the planet, it merges ancient wisdom with contemporary science and allows the modern person to come and experience traditional indigenous medicines and culture in a safe community-based setting, facilitated by a western mind.

You will be living with a small Shipibo tribe deep in the Peruvian Amazon forrest. It is 8 hours by boat from Iquitos in Peru and is very isolated nestled deep in the bosom of the Amazon. Once arrived in Iquitos you will be met by Christof, and you will sail into the amazon jungle on the morning of the 15th and by a local Shipbo village.

Sacred Valley Trip Extension

6 – 11 FEB 2018

With out a doubt one of the highlights of the Limitless Amazon experience is the optional trip extension and final ceremony on top of Machu Picchu. After all the hard work, realisations and break through’s in the Amazon, a break out from our home in the jungle is welcomed.

The trip extension adds in one of the 7 Wonders of the world – Machu Picchu, as well as exploring Cusco and other sacred ruins and places of interest in the area.

The family lives in isolation on the banks of the Amazon river where we co-exist and live with them. Once arrived in Iquitos you will be met by Christof and Akasha, and you will sail into the amazon jungle on the morning of the 15th and by a local Shipbo village. This family lives in isolation on the banks of the Amazon river where you co-exist and live with them.

All matters are taken care of in the Pueblo by the Shipibo’s including cooking and clothes washing, they take full care of you during your stay. The accommodation is simple but clean and tidy, with your own casita giving you personal space when it’s time to sleep. During the 15 days you will undertake 5 sacred plant ceremonies that will take you on an expanded consciousness journey and allow you to experience deep realizations, clearings, and activations.

Ceremonial Temple

The ceremonies are conducted in purpose build 12 sided temple that has now achieved a strong morphogenic field for this work after the realization of previous groups and trips.

The temple is the hosting for all our Limitless programming, medicine journey’s, personal process, morning movement and yoga. It is the center piece for all that we do and the home of your transformation.

Master Teacher Plants

Over the 15 days you will be ingesting 5 plant medicines that work synergistically together to clear, recalibrate, purify, detox, and activate your system to increase your light quotient, and reprogram your cellular intelligence

Through the focused 15 day program we will be going through a process of expanding and activating latent coding in your DNA to allow you to access more of your divine potential and speed up your evolutionary cycle of an expanded DNA template. The process will include spiritual cleaning, purifying, and deep communion with the spirit of the amazon including the individual intelligence of each of the plant devas’ we will be working with:

We are incredibly fortunate to have access to this incredible plant Saracura, which means Sara cures. Funi our plant master was shown under the Ayahuasca medicine the function and location of this supreme deva medicine. Saracura is a complete nervous system recalibration, it acts to repair the damaged synapses in the brain due to the over stimulation of electrical circuitry due to today’s modern technology. 

It creates a deep sense of peace and tranquility and quickly acts to bring participants down into a state of presence to allow us to go deeper into the work. It is drank as tea each day and helps to allow participants to deal with the stresses of the modern world by assisting in the removal of the adrenal glands production of cortisol.

Renaquilla is sap or blood of the Renaquilla tree when you extract it, it is a wonderful blood purifier and reprogrammer of your cells. It helps detoxify the blood and organs such as the spleen and reproductive system, it is highly activating, coding your system with new intelligence to improve cellular health and blood circulation.

Una De Gato otherwise known as cats claw is a massive immune system booster and is very effective at treating a wide variety of health issues, including a number of auto immune conditions. It has been also used by native people to treat infections, arthritis, wounds, skin disorders, it is an anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral with blood cleansing properties as well as a powerful cleanser of the directive tract, and from a shamanic perspective can restore the inner union of spirit and body.

Una De Gato is used as an immune system builder and drank every day as tea.

Ayahuasca is the supreme spiritual intelligence incarnated as a plant deva, it has been used for millennia to help with healing, transformation and deep understanding of the cosmos. It is the mixing of the Ayahuasca with Chacruna, and only these two plants from all found in the amazon that unlocks the bodies ability to uptake and utilize DMT (Dimethltryptamine). This is due to the MAOI inhibitor found in the Charuna allowing the DMT from the Ayahuasca to be orally active. This compound which usually only gets released the moment your born and the moment you die, provides a gateway for  inter-dimensional experiences, encounters, and travel. It allows your consciousness to leave your body and have an experience in another dimension before coming back into your body a few hours later.

The plant is a living intelligence and works with your system giving it exactly what it needs to achieve insights, break throughs, and profound healing. It is these two plants that are taken as a brew during the five healing ceremonies that take place on the retreat that allows for the deep realizations, cellular and spiritual reprogramming to take place. The work with this majestic plant allows for opening of highly expanded states, and guidance into the deepest components of what is deeply hidden in your system to be brought to the surface for clearing. It is a healing and transformative medicine. The ceremonies are led by the Shipibo Ayahuasqueros and their healing Icaros (songs).

What Happens During the Programme

Due to the depth of the work and the plant medicines themselves and the total dramatic transformation that occurs with in the 15 day experience, this program is certainly not for everyone

It is only for people who have some experience in personal development and want to really explore the edges of consciousness and their fullest potential. 

Due to the plant medicines involved it is a very accelerating, expanding, perceptional shift in one’s reality and life. It is only for those prepared to look underneath the mantel and illusion of the ego and explore the shadow side, the hidden parts of your personality that are usually blind to oneself.

The medicine brings to the surface all unprocessed emotions, trapped energy consciousness, fears, illusions, and beliefs that are no longer serving, and through direct experience allows one to be the witness to how these are holding you back in fear, separation and duality giving attendee’s direct experience of being in other dimensions. As well as the profound clearing’s there is also highly charged activations both delivered through healing during ceremony  and also the massive DMT released into the system by the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca and Chacruna leaf.

Interviews Past Participant

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Making Medicine

You will be actively involved in the process of making the various medicines, from the
collection to extraction to drinking as tea

All medicine is picked fresh, live and wild meaning you know you are getting the purest most natural organic ingredients in the world untouched by mankind.

The medicines are fresh and potent meaning you notice an immediate effect on your system. Part of the power of the program is the immersion in nature, being completely cut off from civilization with no access to communication from the outside world to disturb your personal process, you are left with the yourself, the group, and the medicine.


During the 15 days you will have an opportunity to go on excursions in the local area to visit a couple of places of interest to collect medicine and also visit a sacred tree which is the spirit of the region of the amazon and perform a ceremony to call in the protection of the spirit of the forest.


During the 15 days we are on a strict Shamanic diet to maximise the benefits of the plant medicines and in particular the Ayahuasca. 

During the 15 days we are on a strict Shamanic diet to maximize the benefits of the plant medicines and in particular the Ayahuasca. We remove sugar, salt, meat, and eat locally sourced fish, fruits, eggs and vegetables. Due to the physical nature of the program it is recommended for vegetarians to soften this stance during the program to ensure you get adequate protein sources in your system. The food is plentiful and welcomed and you will have enough to satisfy even the most impressive appetites.

Interviews Past Participant

Get a glimpse of what happens inside of an Ayahuasca ceremony from my perspective of doing planetary grid work during the ceremonies.


You will form a close bond with the other participants of the program as you individually and collectively go through deep experiences and profound shifts and realisations.

The group harmonic is very powerful and supports you massively during your transformation. You will perform a number of activities during the 15 days such as light yoga, meditations, transmissions, body work, arts and crafts that keep daily village life active. In between ceremonies there is personal process, space to relax, communicate and share with fellow participants. 

Life long bonds and friendships are formed as together as a group you go through profound realisations and shifts. You will form a close bond with the other participants of the program as you individually and collectively go through deep experiences and profound shifts and realizations. The group harmonic is very powerful and supports you massively during your transformation.

Limitless - The 9 Keys - In the Amazon

You will be taken through the full signature program Limitless as part of the integrated healing journey in combination with the plant medicines. Limitless – The 9 keys is the ultimate personal development program for any one that is looking to get healthy, expand their consciousness, raise their vibration and achieve true transformation. It is designed to create an accelerated consciousness shift in people to get them aligned with the new frequencies being birthed down at Earth at this time of planetary transformation.

You probably don’t realise it, but you are currently running a program in your life, now the program is either working well for you and you are happy, successful, abundant, financially stable, healthy, and filled with love each day. Or your running something slightly less than optimum creating less outcomes you wish to improve upon. The secret to unlocking your potential is simply to upgrade your programming.

Most of the programming in your system are not programs you have consciously created yourself. They are programs you have inherited from your parents, from society, from teachers, friends, partners, lovers, family members. You have learnt unconsciously how to think, how to perceive, how to act, how to feel, what is possible, what you can accomplish. This programming is the limiting factor holding you back from fulfilling your life’s purpose, your mission, your dreams and goals.  

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to consciously reprogram yourself to step into the highest vision you have for yourself. Just imagine if you could create programming in yourself that enabled you to fulfil all dreams and ambitions.

Thankfully today due to the latest break through’s in various fields such as Positive Psychology, Energetic Psychology, NLP, Vibrational Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Quantum Physics, and DNA activation we are standing on the edge of a new frontier in human development and growth.

Combine this modern science with the ancient wisdom of the Amazonian tribes and you have a mystical experience of where the SHAMAN and the SCIENTISTS and true lasting transformation takes place.

In the Amazon you will navigate through the LIMITLESS 9 KEYS program as a process to explore your life, and this will give you the tools to be able to take back home and implement the changes in your life that will now be encoded in your DNA and multi-dimensional anatomy.

The 9 Keys will help you make sense of your experience and pull together the latest thought processes in the energetic and physical healing arts into a format which you can not only understand, but apply to your life.