Wisdom Keeper
of the Divine Sciences

About Christof Melchizedek

Christof serves as a Bio-Genetic Reprogrammer. He accelerates people by raising their vibration, expanding their consciousness and clearing blockages in order to achieve soul mission and purpose.

His background degrees in psychology, physical education and Brennan Healing Science, combined with extensive experience in the indigenous healing arts allows him to create what his clients call ‘dramatic life corrections’.

As a Blueprinter, his purpose is to change the DNA blueprint of the human genetic makeup. He is like an architect for the soul, helping to create the building blocks of your potential through the reconstruction of the DNA that gives you the actual INTERNAL CODING to create the IMPACT and ABUNDANCE you deserve.

Who I Serve

I support people who are getting ready or are ready to fulfil their LIFE MISSION CONTRACT. These are the LEADERS OF THE NEW EARTH, the people who are destined to help evolve the planet by providing the new systems, infrastructure, programs, design, education, understanding, and frequencies to move the planet into it’s next dimensional octave.


From a soul perspective I am a BLUEPRINTER or ARCHITECT, with my purpose being changing the DNA Blueprint of humanity into it’s next evolutionary leap, and evolve the planet by assisting to help embed higher dimensional frequencies into the Earth Grids to help create The New Earth.

I am like an ARCHITECT for your internal potential, helping to create the building blocks of your potential through the reconstruction of your DNA and multi-dimensional template. I do this through running ENERGY, VIBRATION, SOUND, LIGHT and MATHEMATICAL CODES through your energy field. Thus raising your vibration, through unlocking, activating, reorganising and integrating your energetic and physical DNA to it’s highest energy holding potential.

Once you are INTERNALLY ALIGNED with your SOUL PURPOSE or MISSION and connected to your HIGHER SELF, then and only then are you ready to start leading a TEAM. I help you to create coherence in your team by understanding how to create the energy and vibration of a COHERENT TEAM and or ORGANISATION. Once you establish this harmonic resonance you will create an unstoppable FORCE FIELD for good. 

The gift of restructuring your bio-energy field and DNA template in this way is that I’m able to help you shift frequencies quickly by upgrading your programming to your highest divine potential, and over write the root cause of what is keeping you locked or stuck, so that you can attract higher quality people, events, health, circumstances and time lines to your reality.

On a macro level I support the evolution of our species and planet by supporting the energetic architecture  of The New Earth. This means working on the Morphogenetic Field Structure of the planetary Mathematical Architecture and ensure it is coded to anchor the Plasma and Krstyal Star frequencies coming in the Earth Grids ensuring the Earths accretion of light intelligence. This means helping to clear old planet grid programming and architecture, and building and stabilising the New Earth’s energetic matrix.


My approach is very direct and transformational. I tend to go right to the root cause that is holding you back by identifying the deep, underlying emotional, psychological, physiological or spiritual issue that is locking and blocking you from achieving your highest reality.

I work simultaneously across the Mind-Body-Energy Triad, meaning that all aspects of yourself across all dimensions are simultaneously being worked on. This results in a very holistic, complete and relatively fast transformation, so that you can get on with your MISSION.

I work with light and sound fields, including mathematical scalar wave programs that are encrypted in your bio-field, these provide the reprogramming instruction sets to your multi-dimensional anatomy. These are held as templates in the higher dimensions and are dropped down into your physical body so that the reprogramming happens both on an energetic and physical level.

This process clears wounds in the Bio-Energy Field (unresolved trauma from previously painful episodes in your life), faulty beliefs you have acquired due to your conditioning from your parents and society, and other energetic and spiritual debris that clutter your Bio-Energy Field and lower your vibration. The over all impact is to clear the magnetics that hold your neural nets in place so that you may actually be able to begin rewiring the actual pathways in your brain. Thus creating new pathways, scripts and outcomes to incoming information waves that are constantly bombarding your system. The over all impact is that this allows you to move from REACTING to events that trigger you, to RESPONDING in alignment with your HIGHER SELF’S direction, plans, and intentions held at SOUL LEVEL.