• November 6, 2018

Starseed Mission Review and Next Step: 11:11 Solomons Temple, Jerusalem

Starseed Mission Review and Next Step: 11:11 Solomons Temple, Jerusalem



Well we have been making significant strides as a collective in these last 10 years especially those of whom came in with the Star Seed mission to help steer Earth back on track for its ascension.

As the window and corridor of consciousness has opened up for humanity and our planet to accelerate through, many of us have been hearing this clarion call, have been remembering who we are, and what we are here to do and have been stepping up through this window of opportunity to ensure the grand plan set in motion aeons ago stays its course.

Those of us awakening to our Earth Seed or Star Seed mission are bringing down our collective memory fields of the Divine Plan we agreed to upon for this incarnation.  Which was to participate in the grandest show the universe has ever seen, the ascension of a whole planet, our home, Earth.

We have all been collectively working towards purifying ourselves, waking up from our slumber, activating the memory zip files in our DNA and remembering ourselves beyond the physical.  We have been downloading our soul missions and integrating it into our consciousness fields.

Thus, more and more of us are feeling the longing to step up and serve more, to integrate more and more of our multi-dimensional consciousness fields and illuminate our path to those around us whom as yet cannot see or remember.

We are here because Earth was at risk for not making the ascension window, since Earth was in trouble making this leap due to the density, karma, and external influences keeping humans and Earth in fear and separation.

The call went out, we heard the cry and said yes.

I’ll come, I’ll be a part of this grand event.  Thus, many of us having our consciousness originate from other dimensions and star systems agreed to come to help with this process.

And here we are…

Moving steadily through this process.



A timeline is a web of connected sequences held together by trigger events that pull towards us a time vector which is a collective reality we experience.   Previously we had been operating upon a descending phantom matrix where we have been spirally downwards for many thousands of years.

This was externally placed as various trigger events and time vectors placed by reptilian influences keeping our consciousness low and our planet stuck in decent.

Since 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence (an event which you may remember if you are a first or second waver as your own temporal marker. A temporal marker is a time stamp we can feel in our core has significance for us being on track with our life path and soul contract) the collective consciousness has been waking from its slumber in an accelerated fashion, allowing us to accrete enough frequency through our nervous systems to be able to handle the faster wavelengths and merge with our biology, and DNA to experience other dimensions of consciousness and begin downloading our latest soul memories and records.

These time vectors which have been somewhat previously descending in nature, have through the collective evolution and awakening of our species begun to turn and create ascending time vectors, and as a consequence, more Trigger Events creating more momentum towards our New Earth timeline appear.

The New Earth timeline is when a new collective reality for Earth held at a higher dimension begins pulling away from the old earth.  Those vibrating at the lower frequencies stay attuned to 3D descending Earth.  While those attuned to the higher frequencies switch timelines and move into the New Earth trajectory.

Collectively we have been hitting these temporal markers in greater numbers and influence and we are starting to clear the old timelines, and causation portals holding karma and increasing usher in the new collective reality, held together through new more aware consciousness.

We have witnessed and in-perienced so many miracles and new frequencies that have been raising out planet’s vibration.  From the various portals leading into the New Earth timelines.

Including the sequential opening of the Earths 12 Star Gate complex.  The various Guardian interfaced missions which have brought back almost all of these Stargates back into Guardian control.

The following Time Vectors which saw significant synchronised global meditation unity consciousness events.

  • 08.08.08
  • 09.09.09
  • 10.10.10
  • 11.11.11
  • 12.12.12
  • 21.12.12

From there we have seen the activation of the planetary Krystal Cathedral network, with 5 significant etheric Krystal Cathedrals spontaneously switch on Jan 2013 as the Nomi – particle activated (placed in the planetary core by the founder frequencies and designers of our planet as a fail-safe mechanism).

This has enabled increasing levels of plasma to be sent into our Earth Grids sending the much-needed internal vibratory set point at a higher enough level to be able to reconstruct the Cosmic Christ (universal Christ Consciousness) as a broadcast frequency through Earth, which was able to return through the Particle Convergence below.

The locations of which are:

  • Oslo, Norway
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Giza, Egypt

With the missions by various Star Seed groupings helping to activate these (we have supported Bali, Sacred Valley and Egypt).



Leading into the Particle Convergence another significant piece dropped in, the materialisation from the spirit realm diamonds that held the frequency of the highest dimensions.

The Guardians called these the Trinity Stones which appeared in our reality in the sacred Vibuthi, that Babaji blessed Sananda with during his time in India many years ago. This holy Vibuthi ash and the associated frequencies holding the sacred energetic matrix to allow the materialisation of three anchoring frequency diamonds that allowed the Trinity Stones to materialise in preparation for the Particle Convergence.

The Trinity Stones are the physical descent into matter of the embodied founding frequencies of dimensions 13, 14, 15.  These diamonds manifested from the spiritual dimension as a Turquoise diamond (13th dimension) Pale Yellow Diamond (14th dimension) and Magenta Diamond 15th dimension into our Guardianship. Giving 6 diamonds holding the frequency matrix together in preparation of the descent of dimensions 13 – 15 inside the 3rd dimension to push out slower wavelengths into a unified 12th-dimensional field.

I know…. This sounds suspiciously like a Guardians of the Galaxy movie (6 infinity stones anyone?), but all is true and transpired.  What was really trippy for me, was that they actually look quite similar as depicted in the movie.

Without Sananda this would never have happened, he is the one holding the frequency high enough and is pure enough to have the attractor field for all this to transpire.  It has been my great honour serving with him, such incredible adventures we have had together.

Sananda and I buried these six diamonds into Mother Earth’s womb as anchors of the higher dimensions, physically embodied into the 3D. In one of the many preparations performed for the Particle Convergence event.

Yes, somewhere buried in deep in an unremembered location on Ibiza are probably the world’s most precious diamonds, the Trinity stones.  Anchors of dimensions 13 – 15 fully materialised as precious gems held in the womb of Mother Earth for the purpose of raising her vibration.



This was in preparation for the 2017 Particle Convergence on 21 August, and Particle Emergence on December 21.  This is a time period upon which all timelines were up for grabs to steer Earth into as a major energetic portal of zero point.  The various agenda’s playing out all vying for this timeline trigger event to initiate their agenda.

Thankfully due to the collective work of not only our grouping but all other star seed groupings this significant temporal marker and time vector anchored in the new Geometry for the Golden Aeon.  The Krystal Spiral, overriding the Flower of Life as the broadcasting geometry for the previous aeon of time.

The Krystal Spiral holds a new geometric code, directly connecting to Source, unlike the Flower of Life which held all its energy contained within the Flower of Life. The Krystal Spiral draws its energy from the eternal light source of the Creator.

This major event has moved our collective reality into the Golden Aeon since the Krystal Star and Aurora Conscious fields now broadcasting has dissolved the magnetic repulsion zones holding in separation the 12 dimensions that compromise this reality, meaning we are moving towards operating in a true unity consciousness field.

Obviously, this will take time to integrate and anchor in, but the seeding is there to ensure this transition to take place.

The Particle Convergence collapsed the first three planetary chakras and also cleared planetary Karma ensuring we live now in a non-causal reality and the collective events of the past do not necessarily influence the future.  We still need to navigate personal and ancestral karma, but dissolving Karma of the collective has been a major acceleration code.

Everything has been moving along according to the Divine Plan with all these temporal markers and many more being hit, pulling together with increasing the greater probability the Golden Age timeline which we are more and more firmly anchored into



Sananda and I first became aware of the morphogenetic signature and field of the next evolutionary root race of our species descend into our Earth grids during a Sacred Elixir ceremony at the start of 2017.

This is a story in itself, but briefly, the Dragon Luminaries, the Guardians and our consciousness elevated through the Elixirs and amplified through two others sacred gemstones (one each) that materialised from spirit, enabled us to bridge at a high enough frequency field the seedings of a new frequency of a new race of beings.

The homo-divinus, or Homo-luminous as prophesied by various indigenous cultures.

The Particle Convergence allowed this spark to build in resonance to create a stronger morphogenetic signature in the Earth grids and hold the energetic frequency needed to construct a new biological DNA signature coded to our next evolutionary root race.

This signature continues to build and accrete in out Earth grids, and the next part of our guided mission brings us to the Grail Point, Solomons temple Jerusalem. Where the density of the fallen Melchizedek line which held in place the patriarchy energy that formulated the false father god narrative which anchored into the three founding religions held as a broadcast signature at Temple Mount, Jerusalem.

The grand Aeon’s of over 26,000 odd years time have moved through distinct cycles. Two cycles ago we had the Matriarchy energy holding in place the dominating feminine presence as the broadcast signature that defined that aeon. We have just emerged from the Patriarchy energy as the dominant broadcast signature.

And so we are arriving at the very conception of The Golden Aeon of time where more beloveds are reuniting and merging within themselves this same polarity to end the dominant themes of male-female separation. 

Our Beloved, Shekinah and Sananda have returned as the TwinRay or as the Mother and Father of Divine Relationships and all beings who wish to unite the divine union within. They have been bestowed this Role to inspire by example and uplift the ascension within each beloved’s golden heart and share how their celestial relationship is here to be of service to the world. 

Known in the Ascended Realms as the TwinRay, this Holy Ray is here to over-light and through Sananda and Shekinah has initiated the possibility of 144 million Divine Unions (Soulmates & twin flames) to come together and accelerate their liberation through time and when each individual soul is ready to do so. Because of their union,  soulmates and twin flames are able to come together with ease and grace and are increasing in numbers like never before. 

We are emerging into the balance of the feminine and masculine operating as one consciousness giving birth to the Divine Child within. This is the path of how the next root race will emerge as our next evolutionary leap in consciousness is birthed from the Cosmic Christ to Unite the masculine and feminine within humanity.

Just to clarify the TwinRay is another octave from Twin Flame, that is in-fact formless and androgynous. The twin flame, however, has already separated but remains tethered, connected and designed to accelerate the clearing of karma together in a divine relationship. The TwinRay, on the other hand, is a liberated consciousness free of karma, that is unseparated and unified with source as it expresses through the masculine and feminine form.

For more divine reflections of the masculine and feminine to come together and be in service to the Cosmic Christ and truly embody unconditional love that transcends the duality of the gender principle, a harmonization and reset is important at the location where the division of gender has been represented through religion.  


Recently we say the final overlay of Metatronic Reversals lift from the Earth grids.  These have been bi-wave influences keeping anti-life frequency on the planet, in order to syphon energy through the Earth grids and off planet keeping the Metatronic life force going with distorted frequency.

A big part of this rescue mission has been lifting the Metatronic reversals (bi-wave influences) which have been embedded in much of the Earth grids.  This has created anti-life broadcast and is now being overridden with the true Source Code of the Trinity Wave.

Through the work of the Guardians and various on the ground groupings, we have now seen the overlay Metatronic reversals lifted from the Earth Architecture and the Trinity Wave begin to accrete through the Earth grids.



This brings us to our present Time Vector and temporal marker, the 11.11.11 (2018 = an 11) to reset and zero out the Grail Point of Solomon’s Temple.

The Satanic Reversed Mother held in place by Orion Alien groupings hold the anti-female collective consciousness frequency the filtered down to the 3D.  This Satanic energy has kept in place the frequency of religious war (killing in the name of God) genocide, peadophilia and practices such as blood sacrifice.

While the Luciferian Reversed Father collective including the inter-dimensional False Alien Gods of Annunaki, Enkil, Enlil, Thoth, and Yahweh and Jehovah used this energy to create the world religions on Earth.  The use of Patriarchal Domination has been used as a suppression tool, to keep consciousness split as a bi-wave frequency preventing a full return to unity consciousness.

We just need to look at the suppression of the Feminine held in the Middle East, and the Patriarchal Energy of the three founding religions and all the False Father God programming, saviour and redemption model, the wrathful judgemental God program, the victim-victimizer archetypes, the Armageddon, blood sacrifice rituals and end of world doomsday prophecies, and all the various intermediaries between us and Source created by Re-Legion to know that up until now this has been  successful at siphoning humanities true essence and capping our consciousness.

This brings us to the next piece of this grand unfolding…


During the recent Lions Gate Sananda and Shekinah shared with me that they lead a sacred ceremony to return an ancient frequency of sovereignty back to the planet. This emerged through Lion’s gate portal of 08.08.18, the triple 8. This was spoken of as the Cosmic King, and it is the benevolent King reflection of service to the ALL. The is an essential piece as this benevolent Kingship will over-light our sacred group on the ground team in Jerusalem for this next piece of the ongoing mission.

The Cosmic King will over-light us as we broadcast through King David, King Solomon genetic bloodlines and DNA templates to those who feel guided to be part of this mission in order to bring divine grace holiness and humbleness through the masculine expressions to rehabilitate and unite all this genetic line, and move them from power-hungry patriarchal control, force, domination, into the benevolent King archetype that is needed for this energy to be zeroed out and a new broadcast signature be installed into this area of the world and indeed the entire world.

Thus we will come together and allow the masculine to stand for the feminine to rise. The most important place the feminine needs to rise is inside the masculine.


Temple Mount at the Old City of Jerusalem is the lynchpin holding this frequency in place at this time.  This has been the key focal point for the three founding Re-Legions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to converge and claim ownership of the sacred land.

It is also known that Solomon’s Temple resides somewhere under Temple Mount which was constructed in 957 BCE and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE.

The Temple Mount / Solomon’s Temple, Jerusalem Israel.  Home to the House of David and House of Solomon.  There remains the coalescence of dense distortions still sitting at ground zero in this region.

The energy held here is along with Iran, and Iraq Star Gates is broadcasting the False Father and Patriarchal Control systems as the wounded masculine archetype.  This is creating a miss use with power from the wounded masculine who are still in control, force, manipulation, power.

We see the evidence this everywhere as this is the energy still holding down the planet through hierarchical control systems, and male-dominated hierarchical power struggles and militarised game theory.

The epicentre of this broadcast is held in Temple Mount / Solomon’s Temple in the old city of Jerusalem.  Thus, we go into Lion’s den for this sacred mission, into the density to pull the plug so to speak of this insidious broadcast and return the broadcast of the Benevolent King, with the all the frequencies of compassion, kindness, surrender, grace, and unconditional love. into the collective.

For this to transpire, we need the specific genetic line from the House of David, House of Solomon and the Grail family genetics to serve as Arch Angel Kings and Arch Angel Queens.  Their consciousness will fully be merged at the monodic consciousness level to unlock the unity codes in their collective architecture and thus Zero out the distorted energetic broadcast of the False King of Tyranny and replace with the Benevolent King.

Having the Benevolent King masculine consciousness with genetic links to House of David through the Melchizedek line of the Blue Ray Order present on the ground alongside the Feminine counterpart will allow a sacred unlocking at the causal body level.  As the 12 Angel Kings and Queens merge in the higher realms, they can merge their source codes creating a new electron spin pattern on the ground.

This will Zero the distorted energy emitting from Temple Mount and allow House of David, and the House of Solomon to rise again.  Thus, holding a new energetic architecture and broadcast signature of benevolence and grace that will not only affect the Middle East but the whole planet.

The wounded masculine will heal and allow for the rise of the Divine Feminine as the masculine surrenders to the feminine and the feminine trusts the masculine.

This mission will help heal the gender distortions and abuses of power on the planet and allow for even greater degrees of decentralisation, as the energy holding in place hierarchy and control systems dissolves event further as the lynchpin holding this broadcast is Zeroed and Reset.


Once this is released and we bring it back to zero. It will allow for the descent of a billion New Race Souls (Homo-Divinus / Homo-Luminous) to begin the process of entering our morphogenetic Earth girds and begin to merge their consciousness with the form holding frequency already anchored here. They will be ready to birth in the coming years to twin ray unions and beings holding enough light to bring them down.

Then the next step of this grand plan will be the embodied fused twin ray consciousness fields of the masculine and feminine unified moving through two vessels to allow the light conception of these Souls to begin to populate the wombs of those cleansed enough to hold this high frequency.

This alchemy will be brought back by beloveds Sananda and Shekinah who will pave the way for many beloveds to bring back the ancient practice of light conception, and immortality once commonplace in the Magdalene lineage around 2000 years ago.


If this is making you tingle no doubt you have some DNA coding that is aligned with the frequency of this revelation.  Perhaps you will consider yourself and your consciousness being able to contribute to this next piece on our great journey in reclaiming our sovereignty of collective power as a Christos / Sophia consciousness collective of Divine Beings.  As seeded by our Angelic Diamond Sun DNA template.



So, the guidance is taking myself and a decent grouping 55 beloveds to Jordon and Israel, with the focal point being the 11.11 portal at Solomon’s Temple / Temple Mount in the old town of Jerusalem.  The invitation if you feel in resonance is to remotely log in and join the transmission that will be transpiring on the ground there at Solomon’s / Temple Mount.

If this is resonance to help with pulling the lynchpin, we would welcome your support.  Please register on the opt-in form below to follow the mission and receive updates as we travel as well as the exact transmission protocols, with guidance for your meditation when you join us at the exact time signature. Please enter your details and tick all the boxes to receive the mission updates and briefing: