• March 1, 2017

Welcoming our new daughter to Earth

Welcoming our new daughter to Earth

My beloved Alaya and I would like to announce to you the arrival of our beautiful daughter:

Aurora Aroha Melchizedek.

Born February 28th 1.31 am

It was a beautiful ceremony conducted by the light of the Stars in deep meditation in the hypo birthing tradition. Very still, very sacred.

Mother and daughter are doing great, Alaya was poised and composed and a real inspiration to me into what is possible with the power of focused intent. We brought into the world at home alone, an incredible initiation.  

Beloveds Akasha and Asherah were in our bed room minding Noa and for the rest we went through the portal without any other help of support.  It went exactly as we intended and the Doctor midwife team arrived soon after to check on both baby and mother.

I am now taking a few weeks off to integrate our new addition into our family.  Akasha will be with you over these next weeks keeping you updated with both information, support and love.

I’ll be spending this wonderful break connecting and deepening my bond with my beautiful family and especially Aurora.

A shot Aurora and me with the PLACENTAThe tree of life.  We are doing a LOTUS BIRTH and we allow Aurora to let go of her twin when she is ready.  (Usually after a few days)

All my LOVE