• February 20, 2017

How you can get EMPOWERED for 2017

How you can get EMPOWERED for 2017

Yes, it is that time of the year again when Akasha, Tiara and I are weaving together our combined energy to create a trinity of highly coherent energy for the purposes of accelerating your personal evolution.

Remember everything is energy and the FASTER and more COHERENT you can get yours, the smoother, more harmonious, and incredible your life becomes.

The EMPOWERMENTS program is a series of 11 ENERGETIC TRANSMISSIONS spread out monthly over the year.

This year sees a massive focus for our evolving planet and species with the PARTICLE CONVERGENCE meaning a massive opportunity for us all to ANCHOR in our own personal GOLDEN AGE and as a consequence contributes to the planets Golden Age.

This year is an incredible opportunity for us all to bring in our highest reality by magnetising these timelines towards us, especially in the three-day window in August.

We will be taking a grouping for the EGYPT MISSION in August, but there is an opportunity for you to join us energetically by tapping into the transmission we will do from the Kings Chamber.

EMPOWERMENTS is not only a way you can do that, but it will help better prepare your hologram for this historic event.  Each month we will have a focus on activating and upgrading your personal hologram to it’s highest energy holding potential.

Here’s what we plan to energetically transmit starting this SUNDAY:

February 26 ~ Cellular Regeneration

As the foundation to our 2017 Empowerment Series, this session prepares you for a great expansion of consciousness to occur in this powerful year. It initiates energetic detox and regeneration of your body’s energetic system at the cellular level to give you a clean slate from which to progress forward. Facilitation focus includes transmutation of unhealthy bacteria, infections, toxins, heavy metals; nervous system recalibration; purification of the body’s water, blood and lymph and improving levels of alkalinity.

March 28 ~ Crystalline Upgrade

The ability to hold more light is directly proportionate to the level of crystalline circuitry in the body that sustains itself as pure, uniform essence. This session initiates the building of your expanded crystalline circuitry so that you can be a much stronger crystal resonator. This is a core activation to help to secure the bridge between your physical self and your vaster creator self. This re-established connection opens the channels for continuous, high-frequency currents to transfer encoded data into your human vehicle.

April 26 ~ Avatar Encodement

You are materialising as a holographic template of universal light substance. It is the absorption and conduction of the rarified plasmic light from the sun that is significantly contributing to this alchemical transformation. This session will be like an atomic accelerator, opening you up and upgrading your encodings so that you can more greatly assimilate this plasmic pulsation. This will help you transition into a quicker vibratory spin while initiating your departure from the carbon code. We are reseeding to shift in the monadic consciousness of Gaia.

May 25 ~ Super Abundance

The wellspring of abundance exists for every person, as a divine birthright. It is our core truth. This session awakens the code of “Super Abundance” within you by helping you to remember the Divine Principle through a grounded and highly magnetic presence. It delivers a powerful transference to help clear and remove any living energy that is causing distortion within you, preventing full reconnection with your great abundant self. Super Abundance came as a result of soul absorption and a stabilised and neutralised human personality.

June 24 ~ Omni Love Infusion

Inside of you is an intense superconsciousness that is yearning to burst forth and express itself. This omnipresence within you wields the cohesive power that guides the entire universe, leading and sustaining everything into integration, unity and inclusiveness. This session infuses your entire being with the light of illumination to help you realise and embody the Self as a vibrant and powerful centre of fundamental, Universal Love and blessed with an expanded capacity to serve the human race.

July 23 ~ DNA ReSync

To help prepare you for next month’s Particle Convergence Transmission, this session empowers a “clearing of the slate” of your conditioned human matrix and a holographic reality created from limiting patterns of belief. It initiates major purging of any toxic residue, implants, miasma and other levels of energetic distortion. This session also gives grand reset to your light body and expanded DNA template so that you can receive next month’s Omni particle wave of energy to the greatest level possible.


The Facilitators and the entire Egypt Expedition group are transmitting to you from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. This is after two weeks of initiation and travelling through the Egyptian template.

This is a transmission of the Omni Particle Wave bringing through the aurora frequencies, which will burst through your hologram to initiate a complete rewrite of your own timelines and securely anchor you into the zero point ascension spiral. This is an immense initiation for all of us and is expected to give unprecedented access to a completely new holographic foundation, which supports the emergence of both individual and collective crystal core mainframe and morphogenetic field. We are rebirthing a Golden Age.

Your experience and degree of the upgrade as a result of this transmission is based on your personal vibration and ability to assimilate the higher frequencies.

September 20 ~ Golden Age Integration

This special transmission is focusing solely on integration of The Particle Convergence Transmission and to assist any intensity of reorientation while grounding these high-level frequencies into the physical form. The session will help re-focus you in the hara dimension, or still, point awareness. It includes nervous system recalibration and support given to resultant energy rebalancing and perceptual repatterning.

October 19 ~ Multidimensional Intelligence

This empowerment initiates your transition into a multidimensional interface and the ability to perceive from and experience a multitude of vibrational frequencies beyond the physical dimension alone. This session energetically tunes and calibrates your alignment with your greater aspects of self. It focuses on higher heart and higher mind integration; unlocking remembrance, and strengthening the fusion of heart/throat/pineal energy centres as a coherent channel to your higher self.

November 18 ~ Galactivation

This session is regarded as a “Galactic Mission Integration”, which initiates impenetrable coherence with your galactic source of power and related star nations of light. Through this deepening connection and alignment, we are helping you to reveal more of your star seeding as this relates to your destined soul path and a possible humanitarian path of service here on Earth.

December 21 ~ The Particle Emergence Transmission

This is the great bifurcation of your human matrix as it collapses into zero point. Birthing from the void is another sphere of your consciousness that flows to merge with the ascended Earth, reformatting your entire space-time matrix. This transmission initiates severance of all of the distorted timelines from your personal hologram including the false realities of duality programming, suffering and limitation. It delivers to you an energetic springboard from which to create a solid foundation of world service and humanitarian endeavour.

It promises to be an incredible program.

You can enrol for a single session for just $33 or enrol in the whole program for £222, that’s just $22 a session to be worked on by the three of us.

You can check out EMPOWERMENTS and enrol by CLICKING HERE.