• February 18, 2017

Steps to transfiguration

Steps to transfiguration

Someone asked me the other day about the process of transfiguration. 

Transfiguration is a complete change of form, appearance or state of being into a higher spiritual state. This is an important process to inner-stand. As when you know the process you can begin to move through the ebbs and flow of life with greater awareness of what you are going through.

So I thought about this and developed the steps below that I have noticed myself using and have been mentoring others through.

I thought you might find this useful for your PERSONAL EVOLUTION. 


Personal Development Process of Transfiguration

  1. Experience pain
  2. Observe you are the creator of your experiences
  3. Look for the root cause belief or image around this pain
  4. Observe how this image plays out in your life and creates your experiences
  5. Overwrite the old program with a new program that serves you. You can do this using the IP Shadow Release Code of As (Check it out here)
  6. Send loving energy into the wounding around this image to open it up
  7. Allow the emotion to wash through you
  8. Feel into the new belief and reality, bring this feeling throughout your field and imprint it into your cells
  9. Witness your new experiences or pattern interrupt old non-serving reactions.

I hope you can apply this into your life and use it right away.