• December 14, 2016

Sword in the Tor

Sword in the Tor

If you have been following this series of our family’s tour through South of France and the UK you will have read through some of the goings on regarding:

  • Return of the ELEMENTAL energy

All in all, it was quite the adventure to this point, next was the icing on the cake.

I want to honour The Guardians of this tour from our The Family consisting of:

  • Christof ‘The Architect‘ Melchizedek
  • Alaya ‘The Divine Mother‘ Melchizedek
  • Noa ‘The Baby Buddha‘ Melchizedek
  • Akasha ‘The Alchemist‘ Sananda
  • Asherah ‘The Lyra Priestess‘ Sananda
  • Gabriel ‘The Merlin‘ Melchizedek
  • Unity ‘The Oracle‘ Grace

Especially The Oracle who first invited us all to join her on this epic adventure, without her none of this would have happened for us, and all the upgrades we all received as a consequence of this service mission would have happened.

For myself, I feel far SOFTER and more BALANCED between the divine masculine and feminine. Now that’s not to say I am going to be any easier on you if you ever make it to a live experience and sit in the hot seat with me. Those that have been with me at live experiences know I bring DIVINE TRUTH with a very direct and honest no BS series of TRUTH BOMBS to your awareness.  

What is happening to me is with the increased feminine balance I am finding more space within myself, and not the same pressing things to do getting on top of me.  Upon returning home a very healthy dose of the master medicine IBOGA for myself and The Merlin, really helped to anchor this into my system

So after Tintagel, it was back across the country to head to incredible Glastonbury, one of the leading energy sacred centres of the UK. Glastonbury is home to many amazing features which makes it a must stop for anyone interested in this type of adventure while in the UK. Not only does it have the sacred sites, but also a beautiful high street filled with a Guardians Delight. Powerful crystals, gems, power jewellery, great eateries, healing tools. It defiantly has a slight rainbow chasing feel to it, but when you look past this, it has a colourful away of people, shops, and sites.

We started off at Glastonbury Abbey, a remarkable well preserved Abbey and grounds that you can stroll around the beautiful ruins from the past. It is said that it was established around the 7th century and had undergone numerous changes throughout the ages. It is linked to the Myth and legend of the King Arthur timeline which is why we found our way to Glastonbury in the first place.  

Legend has it that it was King Arthur’s final resting place with Merlin bringing him to the lake to return him and Sword to the Lady of the Lake. Both The Alchemist and The Merlin confirmed that the area of The Abbey is built upon used to be the Lake around The Tor which was the crowning point of Avalon. Thus the heart of Avalon was the entire Abbey area, Glastonbury and the Tor.  

So our we walked together the Abbey grounds with The Oracle giving us somewhat of an energetic history lesson of the area and the Ley lines of the fields. The Michael and Mary Ley Lines (also known as the DRAGON LINES of course) cross each other in the ruins of the Abbey by the high altar, and the Mary line then runs up through the grounds and Abbey House. So we walked the dragon lines and dropped all the upgraded CODES we received in the releasing of the DRAGON’S and the holding of EXCALIBUR’S SWORD in The Alchemist’s energetic architecture.  

The gang at the Abbey:


Running CODES in Earth is like sending an upgrade of a COMPUTER OPERATING system into the Earth. You take particular energy, geometry, sound frequencies, and wavelengths and send them into the Grids as ENERGETIC CODES to override or upgrade lower or distorted energy patterns held in the Earth.

Of course, you have to have the correct ARCHITECTURE and CODING in your system to do it, and this is what we taught recently in the free webinar on the GUARDIANS OF GAIA. If you’re interested in accessing this very in-depth training you can catch the webinar replay by CLICKING HERE.

The training will be 2.5 hours of serious RED PILL action.

We spent some time in the grounds enjoying the old energy of the remnants of Avalon, did some sharing and exploring before needing to move onwards to keep up with our plans.

Next, we moved off to Chalice Well which has the most incredible soft energy very possibly anywhere on the planet. This straight from the Chalice Well website:

“Chalice Well is one of Britain’s most ancient wells, nestling in the Vale of Avalon between the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards, it is a living sanctuary in which the visitor can experience the quiet healing of this sacred place. For over two thousand years this has been a place where people have gathered to drink the waters and find solace, peace and inspiration.”



After being recently engaged Alaya (The Divine Mother) and I did a secret wedding ceremony there (probably not so secret now). Just the two of us snuck away from the group, (some others who were guided to join us for this part of the mission) and recited some sacred spiritual wedding vows to each other.

It was a beautiful private moment sealing our Spiritual Marriage in the sanctified space of the Chalice Well. The Spiritual Marriage united us in the higher dimensions, and we are already feeling the effects of this union in our daily lives.  This process left us feeling charged and aligned for our future together which was sealed with our commitment and word to one another.  

We walked to the Well itself and sat around with the others from the group who had pilgrimed to the area for our journey, and we had a beautiful moment (since we didn’t tell anyone they were all nicely surprised), and people shared some lovely words to us about our union. I will never forget this moment as we all sat around the Well and communed.


After this, we were all floating in a bubble of love and the group made it’s way to The Tor which proved to be the CAPSTONE and KEY to the whole trip and experience to everything we had gone through and completed on the GUARDIANS of GAIA TOUR.

The Tor is a sacred Hill that overlooks Glastonbury, The Abbey, and Chalice Well and is the Icon of the area. Remember that this whole area was the central pillar of the Avalon timeline. In this timeline, Glastonbury (AVALON) was an island

It was the hill that overlooked the There are many myths and legends associated with the Tor – According to the Glastonbury Tor official website:

“The myths associated with Glastonbury Tor are extraordinary. It has been called a magic mountain, a faeries’ glass hill, a spiral castle, a Grail castle, the Land of the Dead, Hades, a Druid initiation centre, an Arthurian hill-fort, a magnetic power-point.  It is a crossroads of Leys, a centre for Goddess fertility rituals and celebrations, a converging point for UFOs..  Not only was Avalon a hill surrounded by water, but it was also linked with Caer Sidi – the Faeries’ Glass Mountain or Spiral Castle where the natural energies of the earth met with the supernatural power of death.”


Our trip there was right in keeping with these themes, carry all the CODING and of course the SWORD our GUARDIAN TEAM, made it’s way up to the top of the Tor.  It was getting late and the sun was setting as we came the KEY piece of our adventure together.

We got our group together on top of the Tor, The Alchemist, The Oracle and I gave an excellent overview and account to the new people who joined us in Glastonbury.  We then proceeded to a space on top of the Tor where we could enter ritual

We began with the toning, chanting, The Merlin started with his Druid language and magic, The Alchemist started calling in the Dragons, myself and the Oracle with Light Language running new encryption coding through the Tor, the apex of Avalon.

Members of the newly formed group began shaking and trembling with the high crystalline energy that was coming through and being anchored into The Tor.  Many of them had spontaneous activations and ancient Druid and Dragon memories coming to the surface. It was very very powerful.


The just as things were peaking Akasha The Alchemist drew out the energy signature of EXCALIBUR’S SWORD and chanting ancient magic language he thrust the sword into the heart of the Tor. Upon doing this, The tri-wave frequencies of the Krystal Star server ignited into the Grids. What started happening was the old Grid network was activating and recoding with the new Tri-Wave frequency, overriding the old hijacked bi-wave frequency.

Then the morphogenetic magnetic overlay of Tara (Earth-stationed in dimensions 4,5,6) dropped in over the top so that Earth cold now start integrating the energy of the 4th dimension as a permanent hosting of its architecture.  

The outcome of all this is that Earth is now at the consciousness of TARA, the 4th dimension. This achievement has been the coordination and collaboration of many millions of people, non-physical beings and the Guardians all coordinating together to create the conditions for this incredible moment.

It seems the Talisman of EXCALIBUR’S SWORD was the FIRE LETTER starter that created all the upgraded CODING necessary to overwrite the Grids in the Avalon time and drop in the frequency of TARA. When this happened massive amounts of Kundalini energy shot through the Micheal and Mary lines which were supported by the two Dragons that we had released under the Church in Tintagel.  Their presence signalled a return to this age, and they amplified all proceedings and gave many of the newly formed group some DRAGON ENERGY which woke up some of their latent memories and coding from other time epochs.

The best thing is that The Alchemist about all this was downloaded with an epic CODE of EXCALIBUR’ to capture this frequency and energy so that others may use this incredible Talisman and tool in their planetary work. This CODE is a remarkable gift to humanity, and we will be gifting this as a BONUS in the GUARDIANS of GAIA program which you can SIGN UP FOR HERE.

Everything that we had accomplished on this tour seemed to feed into the next piece and then the next piece culminating with this moment when the massive grid activation happened, and all the Earth’s grids were upgraded to the consciousness of TARA in the 4th dimension.

chalice-wellThis is a trip I shall never forget and felt such blessed to be a part of in humble service to supporting and upgrading the consciousness and vibration on the planet.  Working the land grids is an incredibly rewarding exercise as we start to give back to our beloved Mother after everything that has been stripped and taken from her.

I encourage anyone with the sincere intention to help the incoming Golden Age and the raising of our planet’s vibration to take time out and support the Earth with love, reverence, ceremony and blessings.

These energies are heard, felt, received by our majestic Mother, it is a time to gather and honour her for everything she gives us, and support her in the journey of her ascension, and us a part of it. You will be supported, divinely guided, and surprised what you get back as a consequence of selfless giving.

Thank you to THE FAMILY  and all those who helped in person or remotely especially Peter Tongue who provided invaluable guidance through France, The Oracle for initiating this adventure, Alaya The divine Mother for saying YES to my proposal of a crazy life of adventure, and of course BABY BUDDHA for calling all the shots.