• December 10, 2016

The Cave of Death

The Cave of Death

So the last post shared about our escapades at the Church where we released the two Dragons for them once again to breathe Aether into this world and help reverse engineer the energetic distortion in the Dragon grids.

We checked the clock in the car to track our mission timings.  


It was 1.30 am; the low tide was at 11.30 pm, and this was the optimal time to make it into the Cave without too much interference from the incoming tide. So once again guided by the light of an iPhone we made our way down to the ocean on the cold, dark and stormy night.

We made it past the waterfall which signalled the start of where things might get a little hairy. By now the ocean had indeed made it’s way up to the rocks, so we wouldn’t be able to take on any sand, and we would need to clamber over the wet rocks to get access.

That wasn’t the worse bit; that came when the rocks ended but there was still another 30 or so metres to go till the cave, and due to the late hour the water was now up to the cliff face. There was no way around it; we would need to get a little wet.  Thankfully at this stage it wasn’t too much of an issue and came up to our mid shins. However, we had no idea how long we would need in the cave itself and what the water conditions might be on our return trip. It wouldn’t have mattered so much on a calm, tranquil night. But as always with major planetary activation work, it seems to go hand and hand with storms, so the swell was a major concern.

So we trudged through the ocean and made it to the cave entrance with the water now beginning to stream inside. We clambered over a series of rocks having no idea what we were searching for or trying to find. But we were getting a strong, energetic hit that there were some strong magnetic signatures of Merlin’s magic being there.  This cave was the correct Merlin’s cave; the other one was for sure a decoy that was pleasant enough but didn’t contain any energy stamps of magic or ritual.

So we kept clambering over rocks deeper into the cave. If you know anything about water safety, being inside a cave filling with water on dark and stormy night doesn’t exactly meet with health and safety regulations as a safe work space. But I always feel that is part of the adventure, going to places that challenge and push you. So deeper into the cave we went.

cave-of-death-viewWe had to navigate pools of water, some tricky climbing and of course the incoming swell that was coming in deeper into the cave with every wave. Just the right mix of adventure and danger to get the pulses going. We were buoyed on by the strengthening energy magic signature that had littered the cave’s walls, rocks and field itself. The signature got stronger and stronger, and we knew we were heading in the right direction.  

A few metres later probably about 60 off meters into the Cave we stopped in our tracks. Right there before stood an enormous crystalline rock embedded into the ground. It almost looked an off planet rock and didn’t look like it belonged there. It was a rock like no other in the area and had an immense energy signature. The vibration it was holding threw all three of us, it was almost like we entered a worm hole such was the energy.

The large slab of stone was Merlinite (of course) which amplifies intuition, psychic abilities and allows connection to the magic of the Merlin and the whole Arthurian timelines. The stone had some ceremonies performed on it from Merlin himself, and we knew we had uncovered a significant archaeological find. (At least for the Light Workers, Healers, Druids Witches and Wizards of the world)

We stood awestruck by the size and beauty of the rock and the incredible vibration coming off it for some time. We then started to inspect it closer, and Akasha scanned the rock it was locked down with heavy black magic to prevent the power of its use since the Arthurian days. There it had stayed in a state of non-action until this day.

The black magic on the stone including energy signatures and spells from Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) who achieved immortality by drinking dragons blood and selling his soul to Lucifer). It was said that Uther (Arthurs father) was possessed by Vlad the Impaler. Uther and Arthur’s last name was Pendragon, which means the head of the Dragon. Historically this lineage was friendly to Dragons and were their allies.  However, Uther (possessed by Vlad the Impaler) went against magic and the Dragons by killing both off. Anyone in power with this Bloodline Vlad comes through the energetic drives the hologram of the host.

Thus it was super heavy energy we were dealing with, so we needed all our focus to undo the spells. We got to work by calling in the Dragons we released an hour or so earlier to come and support us. Of course, they were all too excited to help seeing it was this energy that was behind their demise in the first place.  

Akasha and I also called through the Krystal Star Server and the ti-wave frequency which is remarkable and overriding any corrupted energy.  The Krystal Star is a new “Higher Self” server for the entire time-space matrix. It contains uncorrupted energy, coding and geometries that are streaming from the Source into this time-space matrix and our Earth.

What is happening for adepts on the path of spiritual sovereignty and uncovering the truth, are beginning to migrate their holograms across to this new server. An easy metaphor to understand is that this is like an old server hosting a website that has glitches and issues with speed and reliability. Suddenly there is a new larger faster server available, and you move your website across to this new server and immediately notice faster-operating speeds, download times and overall performance.

Well, this is happening now for our entire universe, and this new server is beginning to take over hosting the Melchizedek server which has experienced distortion and corruption via the Metatron collective who hijacked our matrix and used their advanced knowledge of creational physics to distort the energy here. So now our whole matrix has corruption in the programming code, creating the whole drama in our galaxy and also on Earth.

The Krystal Star Server has undistorted and uncorrupted templates, frequencies and geometries, meaning that anyone who has their hologram hosted by this server has at their disposal ALL overwrite commands and codes in the programming code to undo the energetic of any corruption. Thus as someone interested in serving in the world this should be a high priority focus to have your hologram hosted by this new tri-wave frequency. Once it is established in you this energy utterly overwrites anything not aligned with The Law of One and Source.

This energy has been available only since 2013 and so is very new on the block so to speak, but the mission for our growing team is to be able to migrate all beings on the Planet across to this hosting system. Hence our certifications and educations are designed with this REGENESIS in mind.

So the combination of Icaros, light language, Druid magic the Dragon’s breathing Aether, The Aurora frequencies and the Krystal Star ti-wave frequency’s did the trick, breaking through the heavy dark magic left by Vlad the Impaler energy.


Once these black magic spells had been broken, suddenly from the mist and the clearing of swirling energy did Excalibur the Sword materialise and appear impaled deeply into the giant slab of Merlinite rock.

We looked at each other grinning knowing the significant of this moment; we had found Excalibur the Sword, a major talisman and amplifier for returning the Earth and grid lines to a higher dimensional octave. The next trick was to be able to extract it from the rock, as you are probably aware only the worthy would be able to pluck the sword from the rock.


We looked at each other, and it was clearly Akasha who best fitted the Archetype of Arthur. Just that evening before dinner we had a couple of eccentric elder gentlemen enter the lounge at Camelot’s Castle. Meeting eccentrics itself wasn’t strange as Camelot castle is full of these types of people. But one of them out of the blue went straight up to Akasha and said “Where is your throne?” and of course Akasha said, “what do you mean?”  To which the elderly man replied, “Where is your throne Arthur, you need your throne!”

Of course, as always synchronicity and timing from random strangers are pure precision of the mathematical code of the divine plan playing out. So it was Akasha who reached for the sword and with one mighty thrust pulled from it’s embedded home in the giant slab of Merlinite.

As soon as the sword was extracted the light show of energy was like nothing we had seen before. It was a like massive kundalini activation for the entire Earth’s grid lines. Plasma frequency, Aurora frequency, the Dragons flying around it was quite the scene. Such high crystalline energy and the massive portal and energy gateway opened to rushing into the cave and the Earth grids, the elementals was the high crystalline frequency that would be used to help usher in the Golden Age.

We were quite mesmerised by the light show but were also mindful of our return trip. We had to navigate the pitch black night, rising tides, stormy seas, and a decreasing timestamp to get back with our being swept out to sea. So we started our journey back through the cave and very quickly we could see the water had already made its way through the caves rock formation, and the surges of waves were beginning to come through the cave.

We were able to climb onto higher standing rocks and climb out over the top of the water, however, once we made it to the entrance our hearts sank a little as we say the water against the cliff tops much higher than upon entry and would probably be up to waist height. There was no way around this one; we would need to get completely wet and time our exit or get ready to swim.

I was first and managed to time my exit quite well, I waited for a large wave to pass, and high-tailed it for the next rocks where I would need to climb to escape the water.  I waded through the water probably thigh deep and made it reasonably eloquently out of the drink. I then waited for the boys to arrive. Waited some more….

Some more minutes went by, and I was beginning to get a little worried, I almost jumped back down to go back and look for them when they suddenly appeared.  They were not so lucky with the timings and had to hold each other arm and arm and brace against the surging waves over waist height. They managed to rally and have enough strength to be swept over by the water and smashed against the cliffs and climb to safety.

I breathed a sigh of relief and completely soaked we clambered over the remaining rocks for a few minutes and made it back to shore and began the long climb back up to the car. Quite the adventure.

So with the energy of Excalibur unlocked and with us we made our way in the car back to Camelot’s Castle. By the time we got back, it was around 4.30 am. It was a long and eventful night and we proceeded to sit down at the round table inside Camelot’s Castle Recounting our tale through to the wee hours of the morning over some hot tea.

With the sword in hand, it was now off to the central hub of Avalon itself, Glastonbury and the Tor whereby we would be able to activate the swords fire coding and really light up the grids.

Catch you next post.