• September 5, 2016

The science behind DNA Regeneration

The science behind DNA Regeneration

Since we ran the “How to re-engineer your DNA back to Genetic Perfection” webinar we have been getting loads of amazing feedback and questions regarding the upcoming DNA REGENESIS PROTOCOL.

If you haven’t seen the webinar yet you can ACCESS IT HERE.

Be quick though as it launches on Wednesday night and we will be taking it down.

Anyway, Akasha and I have been bridging knowledge through what is known as the Krystal Star Server, which is the mainframe server of the higher self-universe of this one. The Krystal Star Server hold all the undistorted templates for the unfolding of the golden age.

We are also in direct communication with a group of beings known as “The Guardians” of the Aurora realms. These are higher dimensional beings living in alignment with the Law of One and Unconditional Love. They are working with us to help humanity reclaim its spiritual sovereignty.

And they have been training us on how to bio-engineer humanity’s DNA. It is this direct education and informant streamed from the Krystal Star Server that has led us to develop the DNA REGENESIS program which we are launching this week.

What we thought might be interesting is to provide you with a 3D scientific background as to HOW the techniques work and WHY. So click play on the Soundcloud widget below to learn about what science is behind the protocols.

In this audio we talk about:
– Quantum Physics
– Epi-Genetic’s
– Wave Genetic’s

In the audio, we explore how these sciences bridge the technology we use to energetically reassemble your DNA back to its divine potential – The Diamond Sun Angelic Human DNA Template.

In the six-week training, we will be diving deeper into the energetic’s of the DNA and how the science of it all works. Plus of course sequentially clearing and activating your DNA back to its genetic potential.

Your going to learn a load more about magnetic and electric portions of your DNA, Acceleration Codes, Fire Letter Codes and a whole lot more.

If you are ready to get started for the program CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


Enjoy the audio.