• August 22, 2016

{Amazon Avatar Ayahuasca Diary} Ceremony Two

{Amazon Avatar Ayahuasca Diary} Ceremony Two

The Amazon Avatar is a program like no other on the planet, it merges ancient wisdom with contemporary science and allows the modern person to come and experience traditional indigenous medicines and culture in a safe community-based setting, facilitated by a western mind….

So it was with some pre ‘Aya’ tension that many of the group entered the sacred space of ceremony two given the intensity of the first one.  

Everyone showed up with good courage and just on participant was too weak with fever to join the actual drinking of the medicine, however joined the circle in the temple to keep our group harmonic and be there for bath room support if any one needed it and I was otherwise occupied.

This time the medicine seemed to take quite some time to come on for the group, certainly, this was the case for myself.  It was a couple of hours before I felt in the right zone and dimension to be able to start to direct my attention to prime the Star Gates of Tara for the 2017 alignments.

During this period of ‘waiting’ I attended to a few people who were purging and needed assistance, the Shapibo Shaman Tony and Oscar stepped into their Icaro’s and began interacting with the medicine in the group and went around individually to work on people when they went into their process.  

A lot came up for the group this time around childhood conditioning and with a couple of people doing heavy work around the relationship of abusive Father figures.  It seemed a long night of purging on this in particular for one of the participants, who showed great strength and courage in dealing with the intense physical and emotional and releasing through the ceremony.

I need to be in the right state on the medicine to be able to access the codes and frequencies to do planetary and inter-planetary work.  So when I felt this building in my system I started calling in the relevant coding from the Guardians.   As soon as I do this I see fractalised codes and geometry’s streaming through my system, and as these gather and collect and in my field I get to work.

To begin with, I was guided to first seed the Krystal Star frequency through our solar system by populating first the sun, and then, in turn, the planets in our system.  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek (now an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter), Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Nibiru.

This is kind of like threading a needle through the planetary bodies and connecting them all together like they are held together by string.  This strong was the new Krystal Star frequency.  Once this was complete it was time to work on Tara.

In order to access Tara I had to go up through the Star Gate system of Macchu Picchu, which means accessing the Cue site at the Vatican and the Planetary Arc of the Covenant in Bali.  Once this system is open I was able to access Tara and begin working on priming the Star Gates and bringing through the Krystal Star hosting frequency and open them.


Like priming the Earth Star gates there are 12 held together in a similar configuration, so intention I guided the energy into where the 12 Star Gates should be and got to work just like I did in ceremony one. As I started doing this we could all feel the energy in the room begin to rise as the higher dimensional frequency codes began streaming through the temple.

This was draining me some what and I had to remind myself that I am ONE with the creator and being tired is a choice that I know longer choose. I was able to push myself out of this feeling and broke through to eventually complete all 12.

Afterwards, I was guided to bringing up the energy and get it moving around the temple by doing one of my intergalactic Icaro’s and opening the portals down into the temple.  Soon after this, I heard people begin to purge and moan so I kind of figured that had done its job so I went to sit down and recover some and integrate after doing this work.


When Tony had finished with one of the initiates I called him over and asked him to sing for me and help me integrate which he usually does, this helped a lot and I called in the Crystal Skull that was activated in my system and felt an immediate surge of energy and other time line codes stream through me.  The energy was too strong to hold I almost need someone holding my the back of my head when this happens as my whole head starts to shake with the energy coming through, so I could only hold onto it for 2-3 minutes.

During that time I received a large data stream from Lemurian and Atlantian times.  After the ceremony one, the participants told me that he saw what he realised now was my coding and sigils in the temple of Mu where he and his beloved had visited a few months earlier.  Mu was a great continent  spanning the whole pacific and Hawaii were the mountain tops of it.  The island of Kaua’i still to this day holds the temple which was the crown in the Lemurian culture, which I feel very connected to so I know I will need to engineer a trip there one day.

After the experience and I came out of my integration I felt very centered on the medicine, with her effects still flowing through me but I was able to hold it much more steady in my system.  So I really began tuning into the group and being of service for a number of people with clearings, Higher Self connections, implant removals, physical trauma removals, helping with the bathroom or getting a change of clothes for someone who had another ‘never trust a fart’ incident.

One of the initiates had contracts in place with the Draconian, the Draconians are the big boys of the higher dimensions.  They view themselves as the higher dimensional royalty and are looking at intergalactic domination.  They have quite a harsh upbringing as their individual consciousness gets born.  If you have seen the movie 300 and how the men get initiated into being warriors it’s a little like that, they are brought up to fend for themselves without the aspect of the feminine nurturing and love.   Thus they don’t really know love, empathy, or compassion so they operate without these emotional aspects in place,  So they see nothing wrong in dominating and just taking what they want to establish dominance.

We had a light language conversation together where I was transmitting unconditional love in our conversation and I actually noticed a softening in the energy coming back in our energetic dialogue.  This was beautiful to see and feel this softening in the dialogue and their vibration.  Now I have no idea whether this is was a temporary state and if this frequency and the understanding was it was able to be integrated in the way they navigate themselves across the universe.  But it felt an excellent start, and gave me encouragement that any being in our time-space matrix can be affected by the power of love, and hope that one day across the whole galaxies that the power of love just one day over ride the love of power.

15D time matrix
All and all people were journeying well, I also worked on Tony the Shaman a couple of times who was still had the lingering effects from a ceremony we did 18 months ago and we needed to deal with a demon, he had a weakness in his leg from this encounter and needed strengthening and purging out the growing black energy accumulating up his leg again and into his hips.  

The Shaman and myself have a wonderful mutual respect for each other in ceremonies, we all carry a lot and have had some quite incredible experiences together, they really appreciate the higher dimensional portals and energies I bring through to match their more Earth medicine.

After around 3.5 hours I put on some journeying music as we had entered a quiet space, this beautiful music really helps people to let go and allow deep contemplation to happen.  Many of them thought this was signalling the wording down and end of the ceremony.  No such luck lol……

After about 45 minutes of journeying, I got back up and drove a very strong Icaro to activate the medicine in them all again and after a few minutes, UP came a whole lot more purging for the group.  This was great direct experience for me just how the Icaro’s really drive and activate the medicine and greatly effect people’s experience on the medicine.

Once this had calmed down and the temple had settled again, I put some more music on and then eventually called an end to the ceremony by putting on my come down playlist and lighting the candles which signal the end of the ceremony.

Another beautiful experience, not as intense as the first one, this was due to a powerful alignment where the Earth’s Binary Code was being reset the exact night of the first ceremony.  So thankfully (for me at least) it was still a strong but relatively ‘normal’ ceremony – if there is ever such a thing on Ayahuasca.


Next session I am to prime the Star Gates for Gaia, (Earth stationed at dimensions 7, 8, 9) lets see what comes then….. Oh and I’m going to visit the temple of Mu where I had a past life and activate my Crystal Skull there and see what downloads I get, looking forward to that.

Ceremony three coming soon….