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January 2016

Intergrating New Souls to Earth

Announcing…. On July 5th, 2015 at 9.33am… Noa Sananda Melchizedek… Was born into our world. It was a beautiful birthing ceremony at home with ALAYA (Mum) Akasha, and a Dr – Midwife husband-wife team…. I wanted to take this moment to share somewhat I feel is important news about integrating souls into this time-space matrix…

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OK Aliens Exist..

OK, I’m just going to say it…. ALIENS EXIST… Get over it! I mean it’s almost ridiculous for any sort of sensible argument against this. To think that our tiny little planet in our solar system of 9 planets around our own Star. The Sun is the only place inhibiting life in our Universe. Especially…

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Ayahuasca Ceremony Review – What Happens Inside a Ceremony

Ceremony 19/11/15 – DISMANTLING THE FALSE LIGHT MATRIX This article is a review from my perspective as a facilitator what happens during an ayahuasca session and some of the things that we as facilitators focus on doing in a macro global level during a ceremony. The first ceremony was quite something special, it turned out…

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